California Median Home Price Reaches Highest Level Since 2007

The median Californian home hit its highest point in more than seven years in the month of April, while sales volume rose for the third consecutive month.


In its most recent home sales and price report, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) says the median price for a single-family home in the state was $481,760 in April, up 2.8 % from March and 7.4 % from a year ago. CAR says that April’s median sales price was the highest recorded since November 2007.

Across the state, there were 427,620 home sales in April, the most since August 2013. In a statement accompanying the report, CAR President Chris Kutzkey noted that the uptick in sales is a promising sign that home sales will remain strong through the remainder of the traditionally busy spring season.

“We are finally seeing some of the pent-up housing demand that we talked about in the past turning into actual sales, thanks to solid job growth, record-low interest rates, and looser lending requirements,” Kutzkey said.

Despite the sales gains, housing-stock constraints remain an issue locally and statewide, with the months’ supply of inventory (MSI) decreasing on both a monthly and yearly basis. In a statement accompanying the report, CAR Vice President and Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young said that current supply conditions are concerning since they drive up prices and lessen affordability, which could lower homeownership rates in the long term.

With regards to the Los Angeles housing market, this shows a significant boom and marked improvement from the forecast in the recession of 2008, underscoring the ongoing contention that the market is perfectly poised to buy right now.

Rolls-Royce, Christie’s, Wine, and Real Estate Converge for an Evening in True Los Angeles Fashion

On Thursday, May 28th, Hilton & Hyland duo Alphonso Lascano and Bjorn Farrugia hosted an exclusive event at their listing at 1717 Sunset Plaza Drive


The event, which was graciously cohosted with luxury car dealership O’Gara Coach through the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars division in Westlake, showcased the 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith at the entrance to the home.


From the early evening into the night, brokers, clients, and neighbors alike took in the essence of the Los Angeles lifestyle at the home, which shined elegantly alongside the tasteful selection of wine and the luxury vehicle. The home, a stunning contemporary, is located in the star-studded Hollywood Hills, just off of the Sunset Plaza shops and restaurants.  Truly an architectural masterpiece, the home features walls of glass, floor-to-ceiling Fleetwood sliders, along with commanding views to the Pacific Ocean and a relaxing gray-bottom infinity pool.


Guests remarked that the home is the quintessential entertainer’s dream, and noted that the oversized kitchen with imported Italian cabinetry, top-of-the-line Miele appliances and smoked glass top island are perfect for a family setting, while the outdoor space in the home comprises a true restful enclave – providing the ideal locale for an entertainer.


They continued to note that the private grassy area, highlighting an exceptional exotic wood deck with a fire pit, a large bar with a built-in grill, and the “sexiest infinity pool in the Hills,” according to one guest in attendance, set the ideal atmosphere for entertaining of all types.


Through affiliate partners from Hilton & Hyland’s colleagues at Christie’s Wine Division, Vice President and Senior Wine Specialist Scott Torrence featured a wine tasting at the event. “In this instance, what we wanted to do, at the intersection of fine wine and real estate at an event like this – was underscore the convergence of location and luxury, so what concepts can we really work with? Here, we’re looking at location as a form of expression,” Torrence said.


“No two noble grapes reflect their pedigree with quite the transparency for place as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, both of which we have here tonight.  These two grapes form the backbone of great Burgundy of the Côte d’Or, and they are the reason Champagne is the world’s finest glass of effervesce. Without a doubt nearly every ambitious new world producer has sought to test their mettle with these two varietals in search of the holy grail of wine. Tonight, we are exploring a comparative selection of old world Burgundy and new world producers to discover how climate, place, and person play a role in the pursuit  of the mythical perfect glass of wine.”

 The wines enjoyed included a 2012 Sandhi, Sanford & Benedict, Chardonnay; a 2009 Chablis, Vaillons, “Les Minots”, Domaine Patrick Piuze; a 2005 Volnay, Clos Des Chênes, Domaines des Comtes Lafon; as well as a 2007 Hospices Sonoma, Spotted Dog Vineyard Cuvée, Pinot Noir, Paul Hobbs.

“We’re looking at the concept of location at the cornerstone of this event: If you’re going to have a tasting at a wonderful home like this, it’s really about looking at location in the physical sense – a beautiful home in a beautiful location, drinking wine from a beautiful place, so the thing that defines the expression of each of these wines is the location from where it is grown,“ Torrence added.

“This is truly a comparative wine tasting meshing old and new world styles,” said Torrence.

The wine tasting and the showcased luxury car meshed perfectly with Hilton & Hyland’s ongoing commitment to their core passions of luxury lifestyle in wine, art, architecture, design, and real estate – each of which was showcased Thursday evening.

Rick Hilton and Laura Kalb List an Island, a Resort, and a Tranquil Retreat – All in One

A private island and attached, inclusive resort in the Fiji Islands has been listed by Hilton & Hyland cofounder and Chairman Rick Hilton and agent Laura Kalb. Fiji, one of the luxury world’s best kept secrets, is undeniably a true paradise for high-profile clients ranging from the entertainment and tech industries to foreign dignitaries.

With virtually no paparazzi, guests are at ease and are able to truly experience the essence of a vacation. From the minute guests set foot on the white sand, the Fijians embrace them with their notorious charm and hospitality, ushering guests into the epitome of paradise.

Coconut trees, sparkling clear blue water, and hammocks entice guests to leave all worries behind. For the traveler that desires a more active experience, Fiji is known to have one of the premier surf breaks in all of the world, as well as stellar snorkeling and an array of emerging aqua sports.

Laura Kalb said that, “Getting to Fiji is so simple through a direct, overnight flight from LAX. You get on the plane, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning and with no jetlag.”

The island is truly a world-class Fijian experience, featuring luxurious, private 225-acre island escape with 28 villas, and two private residences with an additional currently under construction.

Kalb continued, “Once you arrive there, the Fijian people embrace you and welcome you to their paradise. This is a place where there are so many healthy, fun activities, yet you can also enjoy relaxing on a pristine beach with nobody in sight. Everything about the Fijian experience is enchanting; it’s hard when it’s time to leave, truly a tranquil retreat.”

This completely private island is within sight and radio contact of the nearby Vomo island, but far enough away for one to feel gloriously isolated.

With incomparable amenities and conveniences spanning activity, snorkeling, engineering, front office, landscaping, housekeeping, kitchen, food and beverage, and babysitters available at the resort, this is the exemplification of ‘all inclusive.’

The resort features a world-renowned executive chef, transportation, along with 22 one-acre villa sites on the low side of the island that are ready to be developed. It also features an incredible Senikai spa, which tremendously enhances the island experience, with trained therapists to ease away tension.

Featured Architect: Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd (no relation to the late U.S. Senator from West Virginia) was the architect who gave Southern California Rock & Roll a home. Byrd designed the legendary Rock and Roll Treehouse owned by Frank Zappa in the late 1960s which hosted the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and countless other legends throughout the haze of the era. Byrd may not have invented the California Ranch style (that honor goes to prolific architect Clifford May), but his unique take on the style from the 1930s through the 1950s has captured the imagination of Rock & Roll royalty, celebrities, as well as architecture enthusiasts.


Like the free-spirited, creative, and revolutionary inhabitants of many of his homes, Robert Byrd’s style defied easy classification. Thus, the “Byrd Home” was born. With a focus on indoor-outdoor living, the eclectic combination of California Ranch, mid-century modern, farmhouse, and stone façade country home resulted in some of the most desired homes in Bel-Air, the Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Brentwood, and Encino.

These “Byrd Homes” feature high, wood-beamed ceilings, brick walls, and often had beautiful circular rooms that maximized the number of windows in the room. Additionally, Byrd was a pioneer of indoor-outdoor living with homes that invoke the feeling of country living in the bustle of Los Angeles. Large windows, creatively landscaped outdoor space, and ample patio and deck space were trademarks of a “Byrd Home.” In a nod to owners and fans of “Byrd Homes,” he frequently left his signature on his structures – a birdhouse built onto the respective structures as part of the design.

Robert Byrd has left an indelible mark on Southern California architecture. The Robert Taylor Ranch in Mandeville Canyon is a 112-acre property that is often cited as the largest residential property in Los Angeles.


Byrd designed it in 1950 for Waite Phillips, a petroleum magnate who made a fortune in oil, banking, and real estate. Later purchased by actor Robert Taylor, the ranch with its 12,000 square foot main house has all the flourishes of a Byrd Home. In 2012, the ranch sold for $12 million at auction.

The aforementioned “Rock and Roll Treehouse” in Laurel Canyon has an equally fascinating provenance. When Charles Spencer Mann began developing Laurel Canyon, he asked Byrd to build the Laurel Tavern in 1916. The property was later purchased by actor Tom Mix, best known for his pioneering role as a cowboy in early Westerns. However, the most famous resident would come in 1968 when Frank Zappa and his family moved into the house and changed Laurel Canyon’s role in history forever.


In his book Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood, author Michael Walker wrote “So it was that in 1968 Frank Zappa…installed himself, his wife, Gail, and their baby daughter, Moon Unit, at the Mix Cabin. “The rent was seven hundred dollars a month,” Zappa later recalled. “It really looked like an old-time log cabin…”

Zappa was the first to move to Laurel Canyon, but he opened the door for the likes of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, the Eagles, and countless others to move to the Canyon.

Hilton & Hyland has been involved with the sales of Robert Byrd designed properties throughout Los Angeles. Agent Jonah Wilson handled the sale of 8281 Hollywood Boulevard, which was built by Byrd in 1952.





This house is a perfect example of a “Byrd Home,” with a large curved dining room with windows all around. High vaulted ceilings give the 1,250 square foot home a sense of airy openness and the private gardens make discreet indoor-outdoor living a reality in the heart of Los Angeles.

Other notable owners of Byrd Homes are Breaking Bad director Michelle Maclaren, Gregory Peck, Ron Howard, Artie Shaw, Lana Turner, Ryan Stiles, and Phil Hartman.

Currently, Hilton & Hyland agent Zach Goldsmith has the listing for 8277 Hollywood Boulevard, which was the former home of film noir actress Lizabeth Scott.


This farmhouse style Byrd Home has the hallmark high vaulted ceilings and indoor-outdoor space that has captured the imagination of architectural enthusiasts for decades now.




Byrd’s legacy is one of Rock & Roll legend, architectural creativity, and the mastering of the delicate interplay between indoor and outdoor living space.

Open Sunday, May 31, 2-5pm

11794 Ellice Street – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0009_11794 Ellice pics.002


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1 310.699.3435


11755 Ellice Street – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0010_Coelho Lot 15, lowres


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1 310.699.3435


2227 Stratford Circle – Los Angeles, CA



Felix Pena and Dimitri Velis | +1 310.691.5923


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Alphonso Lascano | +1 818.800.8848


1170 Mcclellan Drive – Los Angeles, CA

OH531_0004_1170 Mckellen54


Gary Gold | +1 310.741.0505


638 Hill Street – Santa Monica, CA



Juliette Hohnen | +1 323.422.7147


1041 North Orlando Avenue – Los Angeles, CA



Billy Dolan | +1 310.569.4741


7377 Pyramid Place – Los Angeles, CA



Alphonso Lascano | +1 818.800.8848


16557 Park Lane Circle – Los Angeles, CA



Zach Goldsmith | +1 310.492.0744


9750 Castello Place – Los Angeles, CA



Alphonso Lascano | +1 818.800.8848


2336 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Jana Charalambous | +1 310.270.3449


4248 Bellingham Avenue – Studio City, CA



Alphonso Lascano | +1 818.800.8848


3980 Farmouth Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Juliette Hohnen |+1 323.422.7147


2435 Outpost Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Aren Afsharian and Roger DeNiro | +1  310.278.3311

Christie’s International Real Estate Lays Out Ten New Emerging Trends


According to new research and market insights from our affiliate partner network through Christie’s International Real Estate, there are ten emerging definitions of what comprises luxury today. The factors that the world’s wealthiest individuals consider as the most desirable features, amenities, and styles in luxury property are always emerging, but this list provides an evolving update on the trends touching high net-worth buyers.

Hilton & Hyland President Jeff Hyland is featured discussing the idea that “luxury is…ultimate privacy.” “Eye-grabbing street views, which take out-of-town tourists by surprise and which took precedence in the days of Gregory Peck and Greta Garbo, have morphed into a preference for longer-than-ever gated drives, security systems, and being out of the public eye as much as possible,” Hyland said.

“Ostentatiousness has been abandoned in favor of subdued,” he added. Click here for the other nine definitions.

Dale Saylor and Joe Williamson, Cofounders of Hollymount, Talk Emerging Trends in Interior Design

Dale Saylor and Joe Williamson, cofounders of the interior design firm Hollymount, say that now is as good a time as ever to be in their business – with a plethora of opportunity at their fingertips as trends evolve daily. They maintain an active social media presence, and pride themselves on staying abreast of current emerging market trends in their business.


“This is a really good time to look at trends in the world of interior design. The Salone del Mobile in Milan was in April – leading the charge in terms of what’s new for the year.


All the big names show their collections there and a lot of smaller artists and labels experiment with installations and new ideas,” said cofounder Dale Saylor.


On the trends they are currently seeing, Saylor and Williamson note that the following are the most prominent right now:

-Memphis Design is Back: This style from the 1980s is showing a comeback in a clash of color, shape, and pattern.

-Marble: “It is really going beyond kitchens and baths and is becoming a material of choice for both furniture and accessories. There’s even a lot of marbleized wallpaper out there.”

-Wallpaper: “Bold colors and combinations (see Memphis Design) are huge and lots of people are experimenting with really pushing the boldness of it.”

-Watercolor Prints: “Bold colors watered down and used on everything from furniture to textiles. It is a very organic look that is softening everything quite a bit.”

-The Art of Imperfection: “Celebrating things being imperfect. After so many years of precision and technology we are seeing a real focus on the handmade and the beauty in things being imperfect.”


Woven Pieces: “From rattan furniture to baskets. Bringing the tropical feel of the outside to the inside is huge right now.”

Architectural Masterpiece on Oak Pass Road Listed by Gary Gold – Featured on NBC’s Open House

Hilton & Hyland Executive Vice President Gary Gold has listed a 3.5-acre compound on Oak Pass Road in Beverly Hills. The home is a true architectural masterpiece, raising the bar in both design and technology, and is situated on oak-studded grounds in a quiet canyon on a private, gated street, providing the utmost in discretion and privacy.


The main house is ideal for the art collector with its gallery and abundance of art walls. The living and dining room is enveloped by floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, overlooking the 75 foot raised infinity pool that cascades into the primary pool. The family room is highlighted with a 900-bottle wine wall, which is both functional and stunning.


“Given that the estate has two distinct houses, it’s ideal for someone who works out of their office – a musician with a studio, a production office, or someone who is best able to make use of the two stunning homes, including those who may have guests or family staying over” said Gold. “The second home has a living room the owner calls ‘The Barn,’ which seats up to 80 people – perfect for entertaining.”

The home was recently featured in NBC’s “Open House.” Click HERE to watch that segment in full.

Gold attributes the street’s celebrity-filled residents to the gated, secured community, and notes that the home is perfect for someone looking for “seclusion without feeling overly secluded.”


Each of the bedrooms is isolated from the living areas. The master suite is its own restful reprieve, surrounded by oaks and appointed with a private study and a sun drenched spa bathroom. Additional amenities include a gym, steam and dry sauna, screening room, caretaker’s apartment, a music room that seats 80 people for live performances and a two bedroom second residence that is an architectural triumph in its own right.

Architect: Paul Williams

Paul Revere Williams (no relation to the American historical figure) was an American architect who has come to epitomize architectural life in and around Southern California. Williams, who was based in Los Angeles, practiced largely in Southern California and designed the homes of numerous celebrities who resided there, including Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Lon Chaney, and Charles Correll. He also designed many public and private buildings.


Throughout his long-tenured, highly-regarded career, Williams designed over 2,000 private homes, a majority of which were in the Hollywood Hills and the Mid-Wilshire portion of Los Angeles, including his own residence in Lafayette Square, part of the historic West Adams neighborhood. The Linda Vista area of Pasadena has many Spanish Colonial and French Country homes of his design including many commissioned by business magnates (most notably, the Chrysler Corporation) and actors.

Williams broke racial barriers in his field as one of the first and most notable African Americans in architecture at the time, and of the accomplishment, he has said, “If I allow the [racial factor] to checkmate my will to do, now, I will inevitably form the habit of being defeated.”

Williams is known for a vast array of architectural styles, including most prominently: modern interpretations of Tudor-revival, French Château, Regency, French Country, and Mediterranean architecture. One notable home, which he designed for Jay Paley in Holmby Hills, and the residence that was used as the “Colby mansion” in exterior scenes for “The Colbys” television series.

Williams’ client list included Frank Sinatra, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Lon Chaney, Sr., Lucille Ball, Dezi Arnaz, , Julie London, Tyrone Power (two houses), Barbara Stanwyck, Bert Lahr, Charles Correll, Will Hays, Zasu Pitts, and Danny Thomas.

Known for his exacting and strategic planning style, Williams has been quoted as saying, “Planning is thinking beforehand how something is to be made or done, and mixing imagination with the product – which in a broad sense makes all of us planners. The only difference is that some people get a license to get paid for thinking and the rest of us just contribute our good thoughts to our fellow man.”

Williams’ most notable projects, which to this day are landmarks around Los Angeles include: Woodrow Wilson High School; The Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport; The Beverly Hills Hotel (which he redesigned and added rooms to in the 1940s); the famed Hollywood YMCA building; the concrete paraboloid La Concha Motel in Las Vegas (disassembled and moved to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, for use as the museum lobby 2006); the Los Angeles County Courthouse; and the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, among many others.


Current Hilton & Hyland listings designed by Williams include two on Bellagio Road in Bel-Air, including one from Drew Fenton, and one from company president Jeff Hyland.


In addition, Mia Trudeau sold the Liongate Estate, the oldest Paul Williams-designed residence in Californian history, which was listed for $65 million.

Williams’ mark on Los Angeles is found in popular culture, civic history, and throughout the multifaceted world of architecture throughout the city.


Hilton & Hyland Agents and Clients Attend Christie’s Art Auction During Record-Breaking $1Billion Week

On the heels of a successful run for Christie’s auction division – breaking the record for the first time, for an auction house selling more than $1 billion of art in one week, Hilton & Hyland agents and their clients attended a viewing event Wednesday evening at the Soho House in West Hollywood, as they were educated and enlightened on the world of top-tier art. Connoisseurs and novices alike joined together against the backdrop the plush atmosphere the Soho House provides to view the live auction, which took place in New York City, and included several hundred bidders, including several dozen calling in by phone through Christie’s tellers.

According to The New York Times, on Wednesday, Christie’s said it had sold $658.5 million worth of work at its postwar and contemporary art auction, added to the $705.9 million for 20th-century works auctioned off at Monday’s auction. The billion-dollar threshold was a monumental and symbolic mile marker for Christie’s as an auction house, and seemed to widen the divide with its rival Sotheby’s, while specific metric measurements are as-yet undefined.

Laurence Fink, the chairman of the investment firm BlackRock Inc., the world’s biggest asset-management company, predicted recently that contemporary art, as well as real estate in cities such as New York and London, had usurped gold as a store of wealth globally.

Wednesday’s auction, like many events Christie’s divisions put on, underscored both the auction house and Christie’s International Real Estate’s ongoing commitment to educating their constituencies on each of their core passions: wine, real estate, jewelry, and top-tier art, all passions Hilton & Hyland shares. As a brokerage, Hilton & Hyland is able to bring clients, agents, and partners into the fold – to exchange creative ideas and best practices in key areas of passion and interest, and the brokerage is fortunate to constantly expand their reach through the partnership.

Luxury Defined: Christie’s and Hilton & Hyland

As Founding Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Hilton & Hyland prides itself on incomparable access to their partners’ networks around the world. Christie’s allows Hilton & Hyland access to 1,350 offices in 46 Countries. Each year, Christie’s holds hundreds of auctions in more than 80 categories, including silver, jewelry, photography, wine, furniture, ceramics, stamps, comic books and memorabilia, and, of course, fine paintings and sculpture.


In total, the network is comprised of more than 138 real estate firms with approximately 32,000 sales associates.


According to recent research conducted by Christie’s, the seven key emerging luxury markets to watch for in 2015 are: Puerto Rico; Durban, South Africa; the Canary Islands; Turks and Caicos Islands; Saint Jean-De-Luz, France; Costa Rica; and Telluride, Colorado. According to this research, “Affluent property buyers have developed renewed interest and confidence in these burgeoning markets for myriad reasons, ranging from lifestyle offerings to tax incentives.”

Please click here for the complete report.

Romantic Hacienda on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s mystical Yucatan Peninsula in Tulum

Hilton & Hyland’s David Kramer, Trista Rullan, and Rick Hilton recently listed Hacienda Palancar.  The romantic Hacienda is on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s mystical Yucatan Peninsula.  This unique gem of a property is only eight miles (13 kilometers) from the famous town of Tulum in Quintana Roo, which has proven to be a favorite retreat among celebrities looking to escape the limelight.


Situated within the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site, Palancar is one of very few properties in a million acres.  The estate features five independent main buildings designed to guarantee complete privacy, which include:


– A master building with his and her bathrooms, dressing rooms, offices (which double as bedrooms), and outdoor showers, along with 20 foot high ceilings, arched doors, and wrap around verandas throughout;

– Living/great room building with 20 foot ceilings, wrap around verandas, a large stone fireplace, and high arched doors, which open to welcome the trade winds flowing from east to west, providing a natural cooling system;

– Kitchen building with a manager’s apartment and office, and two second story guest rooms;

– Guest building with four glorious ocean-view apartments; and

– A separate staff building, as well as carpentry and mechanic shops, and a maintenance office.

This luxurious family compound is comprised of 13 bedrooms and 16½ baths within 19,000 square feet (1,765 square meters) and is proudly situated upon 70 acres (28 hectares), including over 2,000 feet (655 meters) of incomparable, white sand beach.  The Hacienda stands amidst forest rich in indigenous flora and fauna and glorious landscaping with coco palms, lawns, a pool, and fountains.


In addition to its subtle artistry and deep aesthetic, this Hacienda has exceedingly distinctive strength in construction and design.  Borrowing details from Spanish and Moorish architecture, Palancar offers fabulous miradors that extend the length of the two main buildings to create a perfect venue for dining under the stars.  Exquisite local stone detailing are found throughout the estate, along with the lavish use of Spanish tiles.   The main buildings have exceptional Anglo‐Indian antiques and custom built‐ins made to order in India.


The infrastructure is self‐sustaining and built to last.  Palancar has one of the largest arrays of solar panels in private hands in Mexico, aided by state‐of‐the‐art generators when needed. Underground filtration systems, together with rain catchment systems, all ensure plentiful supplies of fresh water.  Sophisticated systems for video conferencing and Wi‐Fi are integrated throughout the property, with private reception towers for improved connectivity.  Also included are both satellite television and a state‐of‐the‐art security system featuring twenty five cameras for greater privacy.  Fly in on your own helicopter; there is a landing pad.


The site was chosen for its unparalleled location on the pristine Caribbean coast between two unique bodies of water. The warm, azure sea to the east is protected by the second largest barrier reef in the world and the sweet water Capechen Lagoon to the west invites you to relax under your palapa on the private dock or take a boat ride for world class fly fishing.

This incredible, unrivaled paradise is fully furnished and in mint condition.  It is being offered turn‐key and listed for $30,000,000.

Open Sunday, May 17th, 2-5pm

1129 Tower Road – Beverly Hills, CA



Steven Levine, Jeffrey Hyland, and Jamie Nugent | +1 310.278.3311

11794 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0009_11794 Ellice pics.002


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1 310 699.3435


11755 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0010_Coelho Lot 15, lowres


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1 310.699.3435


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | +1 310.998.7175

1170 McClellan Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Gary Gold | +1.310.858.5411

7377 Pyramid Place – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | +1 310.998.7175

16557 Park Lane Circle – Brentwood, CA



Zach & Rita Goldsmith | +1 310.492.0744

9750 Castello Place – Brentwood, CA



Bjorn Farrugia & Alphonso Lascano | +1 310.998.7175

6137 West 6th Avenue – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia & Alphonso Lascano | +1 310.998.7175

2928 Westbrook Avenue – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia & Alphonso Lascano | +1 310.998.7175

3980 Farmouth Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Juliette Hohnen | +1.323.422.7147

8277 Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA



Zach Goldsmith | +1 310.492.0744

720 Huntley Drive #203 – West Hollywood, CA



Trista Rullan | +1 310.858.5476

131 N Gale Drive #1A – Beverly Hills, CA



Thomas Glabman | +1 310.614.7345

Quintessential Architectural Styles to Recognize in Beverly Hills

The homes of Beverly Hills, much like their owners, are distinct and varied in appearance and style. Ranging from popular period revival pieces to modern masterpieces, there are five essential styles worth recognizing while cruising the streets of Beverly Hills:  Spanish Colonial, Traditional, Rural European, Contemporary, and Period Revival.



The first, Spanish Colonial Revival, is a timeless southern California classic.  This style enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1915 and 1931, and was initially exposed to the nation and state by architects Bertram Goodhue and Carleton Winslow. These houses feature white stucco exterior and fresh white pain contrasted against painted tile. Rather than an array of colors, these houses typically have ornamental iron work that does not compete with the simple elegance of this style.  Balconies, courtyards, and patios are all staples in this architectural design, encouraging enjoyment of the outdoor spaces.


The Bellagio House, a listing of Jeff Hyland’s, is an exemplary representation of these elements. With an open floor plan surrounding a beautiful courtyard fountain and outdoor fireplace, this estate invites guests to enjoy the outdoors in common areas as well as private, more intimate outdoor spaces, and is the true example of the quintessential Los Angeles lifestyle.

Traditional styles can include: American Colonial, Neo-Classical, Georgian and Federal, Cape Cod and Neo-Colonial.  The traditional homes in Beverly Hills each incorporate the local influences of elegance and grandeur, while maintaining modesty and simplicity in design.

Architecture_0003_Layer 1

Hilton & Hyland Estates Director Barbara Tenenbaum has a listing at 3396 Stone Ridge, which is a perfect example of a Traditional estate. Stylish and elegant, this house features a traditional floor plan including a large grassy backyard and pool which round out the outdoor living area.

The Rural European style includes the architectural styles of English Cottage, Tudor and French Normandy. These houses share a quaint vision, resembling country homes throughout parts of Europe. Typically, they have arched front doorways, windows of varying sizes, decorative fascia boards, window boxes, and curvilinear pathways leading to the entrance way.

Architecture_0002_Layer 2

A prime example of this style home is listed by Hilton & Hyland’s Alphonso and Bjorn at 1280 Stone Canyon, and is a Tudor-style house.

Contemporary homes include all modern, postmodern and international-style houses. Contemporary style places its emphasis on entertaining and incorporating nature and the outdoors.  As newer homes, this style utilizes advances in technology to create the utmost comfort and ease within the living space.  These homes tend to be more casual and include irregular-shaped frames, along with an open floor plan.

Architecture_0000_Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.38.08 PM

The home at 1442 Tanager Way, a listing from Drew Fenton and Tyrone McKillen, is the true example of a contemporary home, with sleek lines and sharp edges.   This is a daring architectural triumph with panoramic views of the city and canyon beneath. Designed by Paul McClean and furnished by Minotti, the home has striking contemporary features including dramatic thirteen-foot ceilings, automated disappearing walls of glass that open to grassy yard and a sixty-five foot infinity edge pool.

Period revivals include Greek, Tuscan, and Tuscan Villa-Style. One key example of period revival is Tuscan revival, as expressed in David Kramer’s listing at 1921 Bel-Air Road. Tastefully renovated, this grand-scale Tuscan-style Mediterranean features a spacious, light-filled floor plan, including a dramatic two-story entry, which introduces the designer-done home. The home boasts stone flooring, light hardwood floors and classic, wrought-iron detailing. Throughout, it is a true representation of period revival.

Architecture_0001_Layer 3

Each of these styles is unique in its own way, and each has a deep appreciation for those that came before it. Like any art, strong architectural masterpieces are informed and influenced by their respective peers, as each of the above shows.

Shelley Maslan Discusses Modern Contemporary Home on Park Way

Hilton & Hyland agent Shelley Maslan has listed 1303 Park Way for sale. Listed for $23,500,000, the home is an entertainer’s dream.  A recipient of a 2015 Beverly Hills Single Family Residential Design Award, this custom-built home exudes a kind of warmth rarely seen in Contemporary architecture.


We sat down with listing agent Shelley Maslan for a discussion of this unique home. 

H & H: Please elaborate on feedback you’ve received from prospective buyers?

SM: Everyone who has viewed it has said, hands down, it is one of the finest properties, quality-wise, attention to detail, the quality of the finishes, everything, they have seen. The flow of the house is truly second-to-none. It’s a Contemporary but with a very warm, inviting feeling.  Being steps from the Wallis Annenberg Center, and a few blocks from the exquisite dining on Canon Row are key benefits to the exceptional location here.


H & H: Would you say this home has equal parts discretion and accessibility?

SM: If somebody likes city living in the middle of Beverly Hills, the home is conveniently located two blocks from Rodeo Drive. If someone prefers discretion and privacy, the unique facet here is that it has incredible discretion, exceptional privacy. When the hedges in the front of the home grow, you won’t even be able to see the house from the road – providing the ultimate in terms of privacy and discretion.  It’s video-enabled, gated, the true home for someone who wants full access to the wonderful city of Beverly Hills without being front and center in terms of the hustle and bustle.


H & H: Can you tell me about some of the technology at the home?

SM: Technology-wise, it has both neutron and lutron systems; fully-automated, the shades, the blackouts in all of the bedrooms. The skylights on the second floor all have blackout systems, capitalizing on the unique usages of technology here.


H & H: When was the home built?

SM: The home was finished in December of 2013, but the current owner didn’t move in until the summer of 2014. The home was built from a blank slate – it had been scraped, so this is effectively as modern as it gets, retaining some of this timeless style.


H & H: Would you say this is a family home, or built more for someone to live alone, meant for entertaining?

SM: It straddles that line, in a perfect way. A family currently lives there – the kids are away at school – but this is truly the quintessential family home; three bedrooms upstairs, guest and housekeepers on the main floor, and a lower level suite with laundry, kitchenette, and bathroom.




H & H: Does the home have a backyard, and is it well poised for entertaining?

SM: The backyard here is fabulous. It’s tremendously well laid out. There’s a conversation area with a fire pit. There’s a large pool with a sauna; barbeque area, radiant heat throughout.


H & H: Thank you very much, Shelley.


In-House Lender for Hilton & Hyland, Francesco Foggia, Talks Big Picture Strategy, Less Myopic Lens

Asked what one of the most misunderstood facets of applying for a mortgage is, in-house lender for Hilton & Hyland Francesco Foggia pauses before reflecting: “People tend to want to write off every possible expense when they are working as high net-worth independent contractors and sole proprietors– looking at it from a myopic standpoint, rather than seeing the long-term strategy of acquiring a low interest mortgage to maximize leverage.”



“Especially with our clientele, who likely have a decent amount of write-offs and a substantial income either way, it’s especially important that they see the whole picture,” Foggia added. “Bottom line: The more they write off, the less qualifying income to qualify for their desired loan amount.”

Speaking with a lender like Foggia prior to filing annual tax returns, and keeping a keen eye on the mortgages you may be requesting, the financial decisions you may be making, and the overall tenets of your financial state for the following calendar year is vital to maximizing long-term success in the real estate market – both financially and pragmatically.

To speak with Francesco to learn more, click here.

Hilton & Hyland’s Thomas Glabman lists midcentury modern classic in Beverly Hills

Hilton & Hyland’s Thomas Glabman has listed a midcentury modern classic in Beverly Hills. The home, a two-bedroom, two-bath unit designed by Ray Kappe, was built in 1962 in an architecturally significant building off of San Vicente Boulevard. Kappe, the Founding Chair at the Department of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, as well as the co-founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, is known for being the first architect who built a LEED-certified home, among many other distinguishing accomplishments.

Mr. Kappe is renowned for his residential architecture, which has been characterized as ‘the apotheosis of the California House.’ His designs evince a mastery of warm, modern spaces, clearly expressed construction systems, and environmental sensitivity. “I’ve always sought out the edges, the views, and a feeling of expansiveness,” Kappe said.


The home offers a modern lifestyle in a prime location, with an accessible pricepoint, and is perfect for someone looking to be pristinely in the center of the city’s action, without being interrupted by a loud neighborhood or hustle and bustle of more main streets.


“We are excited to offer the opportunity to live in an architecturally significant authentic Mid Century Modern building located in Beverly Hills. Great value and great design lead to a true one-of-a-kind property,” said Thomas Glabman, the listing agent.


Open Sunday, May 3rd, 2-5pm

11794 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0009_11794 Ellice pics.002


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1.310.699.3435


11755 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0010_Coelho Lot 15, lowres


Rodrigo Iglesias | +1.310.699.3435


9610 Oak Pass Road – Beverly Hills, CA



Andrew Cohen | +1 310.892.8093


9250 Cordell Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Chad Rogers | +1 310.858.5417


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | +1 310.998.7175


1170 McClellan Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Gary Gold | +1 310.858.5411


 2399 Mount Olympus – Los Angeles, CA

Opens043015_0002_2399mountolympus-high (2)PS


Rebekah Schwartz | +1 310.383.5949


16557 Park Lane Circle – Los Angeles, CA



Zach Goldsmith | +1 310.908.6860


4248 Bellingham Avenue – Studio City, CA



Alphonso Lascano | +1 818.800.8848


 4445 Wortser Avenue – Studio City, CA



Rebekah Schwartz | +1 310.383.5949


4550 Saloma Avenue – Sherman Oaks, CA



Ambra Bisconti | +1 310.492.0747


131 N Gale Drive #1A – Beverly Hills



Thomas Glabman | +1 310.614.7345


1131 Alta Loma Drive #213 – West Hollywood, CA



Ladd Jackson | +1 310.346.1744

Hilton & Hyland Furthers Efforts to Give Back to Community

Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands, our philanthropic arm, teamed with Montage Beverly Hills’ charitable organization, Hearts of Montage, in attending their blood drive.

Graciously sponsored by the American Red Cross, the event was a great success – bringing together local businesses to fulfill their collective goal of serving their respective local communities, and saving lives in the process of having a fun time for all involved.

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to give back to the community that has given so much to us, and Hearts of Montage’s recent events are both great ways to do just that,” said Charles Black, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development for Hilton & Hyland.

As part of Hilton & Hyland’s ongoing commitment to giving back, Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands also worked with Hearts of Montage last week to host an e-waste drive, helping to conserve electronic waste products and help the environment simultaneously. Both organizations staffed a table, and explained various conservation techniques to passersby in the community during the business day.


In addition, company chairman Rick Hilton, his wife Kathy, and their daughter Paris attended the 22nd Annual Race to Erase Multiple Sclerosis event at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City Friday evening. The Hiltons’ attendance underscored both the family’s and the brokerage’s ongoing commitment to bolstering visibility for causes near to our hearts.





Real Estate Market Evolving by Creating ‘Drought-Friendly’ Homes

On the heels of Earth Day last week and mounting concern over the California drought, the real estate market is evolving to account for the shift by creating ‘drought-friendly’ homes inclusive of innovative irrigation systems, drought-tolerant plants, permeable pea-gravel, permeable paving (which helps rainfall delve into the soil underneath), and synthetic grass instead of grass as a mechanism for conserving water and helping the planet.

While the effects of conservation crusades and the state legislature’s across-the-board cut in water usage take precedence over many industries, one of the most that is guaranteed to be dramatically altered by the new normal is the field of landscape architecture.

Hilton & Hyland’s KJ Marmon currently represents a home on Hermes Drive built with astro turf, which gracefully lines the Hollywood Hills, overlooking the Sunset Strip area beneath it. The property is a prime example of the usage of an eco-friendly spa and pool, alongside astroturf lining the property to create the quintessential modern home on the market.



Hilton & Hyland’s Frank Jackwerth recently listed Villa Maggio, the home in Palm Desert once-owned by Frank Sinatra and used to entertain the venerable Rat Pack. The home’s two-story guest house has its own water well, generator, and water tower, providing a self-sufficient standalone piece to an exceptional, timeless home. Additionally, the overall landscape architecture of the home features gravel lining the drive, in addition to succulents. Sometimes called “fat plants,” succulents are plants that have some parts with more-than-average thickness and are fleshy in nature, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. This is a strong facet of the drought-friendly home.



As The Wall Street Journal noted aptly last week, “modernist architecture has a vastly underappreciated weapon in the service of making it more appealing to the public: the modern landscape. Like Ginger Rogers to Fred Astaire, the modern landscape uses many of the same moves—a penchant for flat planes and highly orchestrated arrays, for instance—but is often far easier on the eye and a lot more seductive.”

The beauty of the modern world of landscape architecture makes it a seamless complement to a new home, rather than an obstructionist facet as it once was. To learn more about water conservation, visit The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Christie’s International Real Estate study finds more billionaires than ever in 2014


“Trophy” has become the new buzz-word in luxury real estate. According to a just-released study by Christie’s International Real Estate— the world’s leading luxury residential network and the real estate arm of Christie’s art house — more properties than ever before were both sold and listed for sale at US$100 million or higher in 2014. As the number of billionaires globally reached new heights, so too did the price benchmarks for their trophy homes, as the world’s most affluent focused more and more on acquiring “collectable” residential assets in prized locations across the globe. US$100 million is now firmly established as the billionaire benchmark for ultra-prime property.


At the more traditional luxury residential real estate price segments, the overall market experienced steady growth in 2014, with US$1 million plus home sales up by an average of 16 percent over 2013 in the 80 luxury residential markets surveyed for the report. Titled “Luxury Defined,” the third annual edition of the research paper not only examines the world’s top 10 cities for prime property, but also analyzes an additional 70 key regional markets, exploring the dynamics and drivers shaping the globe’s high-end real estate market. Key findings from the white paper revealed that second home resort markets were red hot in 2014, leading the growth in luxury property sales.


Additional global highlights from Luxury Defined include:

-2014 welcomed a return to normality in most major cities with growth showing signs of stabilizing in locations such as Paris and New York.

-Toronto ranked as the world’s “hottest” luxury market, and was the only location to see a faster year-on-year pace with a 37 percent increase in luxury home sales.

-As millennials grow up and baby boomers transition into life as empty nesters, these buyers are increasingly seeking urban amenities. This helped fuel growth in high-value urban market sales, particularly in metropolitan cities, which jumped by 15 percent over 2013.

-Second home markets led the growth of high-value sales in 2014, with “Jet set destinations” recording on average a 28 percent year on year increase, fueled by attractive investment opportunities, below market-peak prices, and a confidence that the market has bottomed and a recovery is well under way.

-International second home buyers are driving market growth, particularly in Marrakech and Turks & Caicos where 100 percent of top end purchasers are from overseas.

-Dubai ranks as the most popular city for second home purchases amongst global HNWIs, who accounted for 75 percent of sales. Meanwhile, 44 percent of the sales in London and 40 percent in Miami were international second home purchases.

-The highest price-per-square-foot achieved in 2014 for a luxury home was recorded in Cote d’Azur at US$22,577 per-square-foot.

The average starting price for a “luxury home” worldwide is US$2 million. London and Beverly Hills have the highest price entry points at US$6 million and US$8 million, respectively.

“More than ever before, we are focusing on the purchasing patterns of ultra-affluent individuals – as well as what’s driving their investments across the globe — and why the acquisition of luxury real estate has become increasingly important to their portfolios,” said Dan Conn, CEO, Christie’s International Real Estate. “Whether for safe storage of wealth, lifestyle upgrades or the pure passion of the investment, the intrinsic recognition of the sheer value of prime property ownership could not be stronger among these consumers.”

Contrary to other research real estate studies, Luxury Defined not only comprises standard luxury property market measurements – such as top sale prices, volume of luxury home sales, average sale prices, etc. — but also establishes benchmarks by sub-market in order to assess trends among truly comparable homes.

The study also includes a chart highlighting what US$5 million buys around the world as well as a spotlight on magnificent art and luxury goods and their high-end real estate equivalents.

Christie’s International Real Estate is wholly owned by Christie’s and is committed to its core values of expertise in marketing luxury assets, exemplary client service, and discretion. The Luxury Defined study can be accessed here. 


Q&A with Fashion Guru Andrew Weitz


@theweitzeffect |

After a successful run as a leading talent agent at WME (William Morris Endeavor), fashion guru Andrew Weitz split just over one year ago to launch his eponymous style consulting firm for gentlemen, The Weitz Effect. His current client roster includes former clients and a host of leading business executives throughout the Los Angeles area. He spoke to Hilton & Hyland about emerging trends in men’s fashion, and what that means moving forward.

H & H: What are some trends that you’ve seen in the recent months that you think will continue to evolve in the next year?

AW: One of the biggest trends still happening right now (and not going away anytime soon) is the slim cut suit/blazer & slacks. That said, high-end fashion designers are already producing baggier clothes again, but I don’t think that’s going to resonate with consumers right away. Many gentlemen are finally feeling comfortable in the “slimmer” look, so they’re not quite ready to so quickly jump back into the baggy fit again.


Style Trend: Slim Cut Suit/Blazer & Slacks

Another trend that’s coming back is pleated pants – a single or a double pleat. This is very Italian. When I tell my clients about this, every single one says (in their own words) “I’ve got plenty of suits like that in my closet”. But, today’s cuts are completely different and much more fashion forward than they were 10/15 years ago. It’s the same for the lapels on a blazer/suit jacket. Lower lapels than we had in the 80s and 90s are back, but just like pleated pants, the cut is a more modern version of those from decades past and is much more stylized.

Style Tip: In regards to the trends above, the proper way to wear a slim cut pant is to have little to no break so that the bottom of the pant sits slightly above the tongue of the shoe. If you really want to make a fashion statement, the pant should be cropped at the ankle.

As for other trends, there is a definite new trend in luxury timepieces. Men are going back to smaller faced watches. Instead of the 44/46-millimeter watch, men are swinging down to a 40/42-millimeter which highlights a more elegant, upscale look while still maintaining a sporty feel.   However, it’s all relative to a man’s stature, but look around and you’ll start to notice smaller faced watches.

H & H: Any specific style people are finally coming around to?

AW: Besides slimmer cut suiting, yes! Designer sneakers.

The sneaker phase has been around for the last 5 years, but most men are now really embracing it. . We like to put a designer sneaker on our clientele because the sneaker works well with a slim cut suit, slack or jean. It also gives the client a smart, business, casual look while remaining elegant and stylized. The designer sneaker replaces the Nike, New Balance, Reebok look, as sneakers from Lanvin, Common Projects and Tod’s maximize a man’s style without compromising the comfort of wearing a training sneaker.

H & H: Has anything else caught your eye that you think is exceptionally distinctive, here in Los Angeles?

AW: Designer sweatpants. Although most men won’t wear these as a stylish casual pant (the way they are meant to be worn), wearing a designer sweatpant with a cuffed or elastic bottom can be paired with a dress shirt and a blazer, a funky sock and a cool shoe or sneaker for a stylized funky and hip look. Most men will be skeptical about this, but it is a great look if done properly. From both ends of the brand spectrum, Vince and Brunello Cucinelli do it best.

H & H: Thanks Andrew.

Vibrant Style and Modern Influence Featured at Christie’s Art Auction Preview

On April 17, Hilton & Hyland staff, agents, and their clients attended a special preview of post-war and contemporary art for an upcoming auction at Christie’s New York auction house. BLOG-hirst

More than 100 guests turned out to view works by such artists as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Robert Rauschenberg, Mike Kelley, and Wayne Thiebaud.


The preview took place  at a mid-Wilshire gallery space, and showcased more than 40 works of art, including those from the collection of Ileana Sonnabend and the estate of Nina Sundell. 


“As an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Hilton & Hyland is fortunate to tether our agents and clients with Christie’s rich brand history and innovation, to allow both our agents and clients to attend exclusive events such as this art preview,” said Charles Black, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development.


Featured Listings

1 Buggy Whip; Hacienda de la Paz – Rolling Hills, CA



Marcie Hartley | +1 310.980.0141


10410 Bellagio Rd – Bel-Air, CA



Jeff Hyland | +1 310.278.3311


901 Alpine – Beverly Hills, CA



Jeff Hyland & Zach Goldsmith | +1 310.278.3311


1877 Rising Glen – Hollywood Hills, CA



Stephen Resnick & Jonathan Nash | +1 310.210.5048


1442 Tanager Way – Hollywood Hills, CA



Tyrone McKillen |  +1 949.212.8721


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | +1 310.998.7175

638 Hill St – Santa Monica, CA



Juliette Hohnen | +1 323.422.7147

771 Teakwood Rd – Brentwood, CA



Laura Kalb | +1 818.371.9350

Open Sunday, April 26th, 2-5pm

1129 Tower Rd – Beverly Hills, CA



Jamie Nugent | 310-804-6039


11794 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0009_11794 Ellice pics.002


Rodrigo Iglesias | 310-699-3435


11755 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0010_Coelho Lot 15, lowres


Rodrigo Iglesias | 310-699-3435

178 Carmelina – Brentwood, CA



David Kramer | 310.691.2400


9250 Cordell Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Chad Rogers | 310-858-5417


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | 310-998-7175


1170 McClellan Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Gary Gold | 310-858-5411


8312 Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles, CA



Drew Fenton | 310-858-5474


423 Fullerton Ave – Newport Beach, CA



Wayne Pridgen | 310-301-6523


16557 Park Lane Circle – Los Angeles, CA



Zach Goldsmith | 310-908-6860


4248 Bellingham Avenue – Studio City, CA



Alphonso Lascano | 818-800-8848


 4445 Wortser Avenue – Studio City, CA



Rebekah Schwartz | 310.383.5949


2435 Outpost Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Aren Afsharian | 310-278-3311


3637 Avenida Del Sol – Studio City, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | 310-998-7175


12522 Sarah Street – Studio City, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | 310-998-7175

Hilton & Hyland Capitalizes on Record 2014, Catapults into Strong Start of 2015

In 2014, Hilton & Hyland’s Branden and Rayni Williams sold the property at 1181 Hillcrest Drive, becoming the highest sale in recorded Beverly Hills history. They represented the seller in this transaction, which was sold to Minecraft Chief Executive Markus Persson.


1181 Hillcrest Drive in Beverly Hills

In the same year, the brokerage also sold the Doheny Estate in Bel Air for $43,000,000. Rick Hilton, Judy Feder, Jeff Hyland, and Tyrone McKillen represented the seller and Susan Smith and Drew Fenton represented the buyer, providing an exclusively in-house process that underscores the very nature of the brokerage’s deep roots in the region.


The Doheny Estate in Bel-Air

In the first quarter of 2015, Hilton & Hyland’s Mia Trudeau was the listing agent in the sale of the Liongate Estate, which was listed for $65,000,000. Trudeau was involved with this home from inception and launch through close, including serving as a strategic counsel for design and aesthetic throughout the recreation of this Paul Williams classic.


The Liongate Estate in Bel-Air

To start the second quarter, Hilton & Hyland’s Stephen Resnick represented the buyer in the sale of the Singleton Estate in Holmby Hills, listed for $85,000,000. The home set the record for the highest sale in California thus far in 2015.


384 Delfern Drive in Holmy Hills

“Each of these sales represents an ongoing commitment to the betterment of our clients through innovative marketing techniques, sales process, and internal referral network. We look forward to an energetic and successful 2015,” said Charles Black, Hilton & Hyland’s Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development.

 Hilton & Hyland closed over $2.9 billion in sales for the year 2014.

Hilton & Hyland’s Stephen Resnick Represents Buyer in Close of Record-Breaking Sale

Stephen Resnick of Hilton & Hyland closed the sale of 384 Delfern Drive in Holmby Hills, in which he represented the buyer, who wished to remain anonymous. The home, which was listed for $85 million, set the record for the highest sale in California thus far for 2015.


The home – a colonial estate of timeless elegance, is located in the historic Holmby Hills neighborhood. The property is the last designed by world-renowned architect Wallace Neff. Behind the gates of the private drive sits the property, atop a broad sweep of exceptionally discrete, lushly landscaped grounds. The residence is situated on three distinct parcels, totaling over seven acres.


Mr. Neff is well-regarded in Hollywood circles, most notably for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks’ great estate “Pickfair,” in Beverly Hills, as well as the King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Singer Mansion in Glendora. In 1973, he designed this home – known as the “Singleton Estate” in Holmby Hills, and named for Henry Singleton, who founded the electronics firm Teledyne.


“We are pleased to congratulate Stephen on representing the buyer in the sale of this home, and on breaking the record in California so far this year,” said Jeff Hyland, president of Hilton & Hyland. “Capitalizing on our successful 2014, the start of 2015 has catapulted us into what I’m positive will be an equally stellar year, and I’m thrilled with Stephen’s accomplishment.”


Mr. Neff was largely responsible for developing the region’s distinct architectural archetype, often referred to as “California” style. He was a student of architect Ralph Adams Cram and drew heavily from the architectural styles of both Spain and the Mediterranean.


The architect is known widely for his tasteful ability to incorporate elements of discretion and privacy seamlessly into his style. The home is gated on private park-like grounds that boast rolling lawns, a tennis court, swimming pool and extensive motor court, along with an attached four car garage. The grand entryway includes stately doors, and leads into the two-story foyer.

Each distinct detail of the home – from the walnut parquet to the white marble, including the Versailles-inspired oval entrance hallway and the coffered ceilings – was envisioned and created by Mr. Neff.

Hilton & Hyland’s Alphonso & Bjorn List Two Stunning Masterpieces

Hilton & Hyland’s Alphonso & Bjorn – the duo comprised of Alphonso Lascano and Bjorn Farrugia – recently listed two amazing homes: One at 6137 West Sixth Street on Miracle Mile, and one located at 1717 Sunset Plaza in the Sunset Plaza area.



The home in Sunset Plaza is a stunning contemporary, located in the star-studded Hollywood hills, just off of the Sunset Plaza shops and restaurants.  This architectural home features walls of glass, floor to ceiling Fleetwood sliders, commanding views to the Pacific Ocean and a relaxing gray bottom infinity pool.  An entertainer’s dream highlighting an oversized kitchen with imported Italian cabinetry, top of the line Mile Appliance and a smoked glass top island.

The outdoor space in this home is a true restful enclave – providing the ideal locale for an entertainer.  Highlighting a private grassy area, an exceptional exotic wood deck with a fire pit, a large bar with a built-in grill, and the sexiest infinity pool in the hills, the ideal setting for entertaining on all levels.


The distinctive home on West Sixth Street is situated on a picturesque tree-lined street on the Miracle Mile. The 1936 classic Spanish duplex. Loaded with tones of character and charm from the glamorous Hollywood era, this turnkey property has been lovingly updated and exudes pride of ownership at every turn. Just blocks away from many great restaurants, shopping streets and the famed The Grove shopping center and Farmers Market.  A block from the future home of the Oscars and the Academy Museum currently under construction, LA County Art Museum, famous La Brea Tar Pits, and the new Peterson Auto Museum.



Comprised of three bedrooms and two baths in each unit, and many distinguishing details: From the oversized living room with period stained glass windows to the graceful dining room and the central family room perfect for hosting dinner parties, each unit boasts over 2,000 square feet of living space. This duplex also features two oversized garages, and a great private outdoor entertaining area for year round dining alfresco in the great southern California climate.

Gorgeous Modern on Hermes Drive – Featuring Artwork by Andy Anh Ha

Hilton & Hyland’s KJ Marmon has listed an exquisite architectural modern in the Hollywood Hills with incomparable city and canyon views.


7551 Hermes Dr – Hollywood Hills

The home has been outfitted with artwork from Andy Anh Ha, a mixed media artist known for his usage of the lotus flower along with unique colorful abstract techniques throughout his work.


Tryptic Color Horizons by Andy Anh Ha – L.A. Art Exchange

Two stunning master suites accent the home, one with a large lounge balcony overlooking the sun-drenched infinity pool.  Disappearing walls of glass make incredible use of the potential for both indoor and outdoor entertaining, with a 10-person built-in spa and Baja shelf that jointly create a relaxing atmosphere, while overlooking the surrounding Hollywood Hills.


Open Floorplan with Incredible Canyon & City Views


The home features built-in televisions throughout, soaking tubs, and corner frameless windows. Additionally, Miele appliances are the perfect complement to Quartz stone countertops throughout the kitchen area, underscoring the architectural significance of the home.


Sliding glass walls open to an incredible infinity pool

Artwork from artist Andy Anh Ha, courtesy of the L.A. Art Exchange in Santa Monica, is on loan from the artist and is available for sale.

The home is listed for $3,495,000 by Hilton & Hyland’s KJ Marmon.


Red, Yellow, Blue, BW Marbled Abstract by Andy Anh Ha – L.A. Art Exchange



Red Lotus on White by Andy Anh Ha – L.A. Art Exchange

More About the Artist: Andy Anh Ha studied art at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and appreciates art from a broad array of periods – from the Renaissance period to contemporary works. Artists that strongly influenced his style include Rembrandt, Picasso, and Warhol. He is known for his usage of a variation of styles, techniques, and mediums. The outcome of his paintings falls into the realm of mixed media. The paintings highlight the home’s truly modern style – and provide a pristine complement to the sleek lines and vibrant style of the house. Other works by Andy Anh Ha are available through his gallery representatives at L.A. Art Exchange in Santa Monica

Founding Affiliate Hilton & Hyland Shows Strong Presence at Christie’s International Real Estate Annual Conference

Christie’s International Real Estate hosted their annual conference during the last week of March, with an estate tour kicking off the week’s events graciously hosted by Hilton & Hyland.


Hilton & Hyland President Jeffrey Hyland and Chairman Rick Hilton.


The conference featured presentations by a broad array of global luxury market influencers, network leaders and executives from Christie’s auction house, all of whom offered specific and valuable insights into the realm of luxury industries, including fine art and real estate industry success stories. It brought together 400 agents from 26 countries around the world, who met at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel to exchange their respective creative visions for success.

CIRE2015_0006_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.55.02 PM

A view from the host hotel, The Beverly Wilshire.


CIRE2015_0001_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.54.55 PM

The Christie’s flag displayed on Wilshire Boulevard for the duration of the conference.


Famed architect Charles Renfro of modernist firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro spoke at the conference, along with Christie’s specialists from its wine and watch departments, and panel discussions included best practices for social media and overall marketing strategies to high net worth individuals.

CIRE2015_0007_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.55.08 PM

400 real estate professionals from 26 countries attend the conference.


CIRE2015_0005_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.55.24 PM

The social media panel discusses real estate social media strategy.


“As one of our most significant events within the Christie’s International Real Estate network, the conference allowed us to present global affiliate representatives with a targeted perspective of the luxury market while offering strong networking opportunities and recognition of our 2014 growth,” said Dan Conn, Chief Executive Officer of Christie’sInternational Real Estate.

CIRE2015_0000_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.56.44 PM

Hilton & Hyland’s Mark Wohlman and Neil McDermott mingle with guests.


CIRE2015_0003_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.56.14 PM

Hilton & Hyland’s Danelle Lavin and KJ Marmon at the opening reception.

CIRE2015_0002_Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.57.21 PM

Hilton & Hyland’s Thomas Glabman, Alphonso Lascano, Luke Anderson, and Brenda Chandler Cooke mingle with guests as the conference concludes.

Lamborghini Launches the New Aventador, at 864 Stradella in Bel-Air

Lamborghini launched their newest model, the Aventador, Friday evening, on Stradella Road, at a home currently offered for sale by Hilton & Hyland’s Branden and Rayni Williams and Michael LaMontagna.

HR-Lambo_0000_Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.51.48 PM

The home, designed by renowned architect Paul McClean and completed in August 2014, is a sight to behold – from the first moment of entrance, a sense of seamless integration is palpable, sitting at the intersection of luxury and utility. Sweeping, incomparable panoramic city views and sleek design lines on the home highlighted the sleek lines on the new Lamborghini model – which is built in Italy, has 700 horsepower and goes from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds, like the lightning sharp frame that surrounds this home.



Video Tour: 1877 Rising Glen | Jonathan Nash & Stephen Resnick

1877 Rising Glen, Sunset Strip

Represented by Stephen Resnick & Jonathan Nash

Private, contemporary compound in the prestigious West Hollywood Hills. Designed with a truly international aesthetic, this modern marvel features outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout. From the moment you enter, your eyes are drawn through the expansive great room with ample wall space for showcasing art. A masterpiece of modern design, this home is an entertainer’s dream featuring an oversized pool, grass lawn and explosive city views.  Completely furnished by Minotti (available by separate negotiation).

Offered at $17,750,000

Haute Living Ignites Fire in West Hollywood with Leading Luxury Brokerages

Hilton & Hyland President Jeff Hyland attended Haute Living’s 2nd annual Los Angeles Real Estate Summit on Wednesday.

HR-Jeff_0001_Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.23.47 PM

The event was moderated by Timothy Lappen, Esq., founder and chairman of Luxury Home Group, a real estate legal group, and hosted by Seth Semilof, publisher of luxury publications Haute Living, Haute Residence, and Haute Time.

Mr. Hyland was featured prominently throughout the event, including as part of the afternoon panel of the annual summit. Hyland shared his background in architectural history, emerging market trends, and alluded to the constantly-evolving luxury living industry.

HR-Jeff_0000_Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.23.36 PM

The event, held annually, aims to connect international buyers with the best agents in the area, and to provide access to the world of multi-million dollar properties. In total, 300 real estate agents attended the summit.

The morning began with a panel featuring experts on the “Power Players Under 40” discussion. These executives included Aaron Kirman, David Parnes, James Harris, Josh Altman, Matt Altman, Madison Hildebrand, and Sandro Dazzan. Each executive shared his tools of the trade, discussing such topics as the evolution of social media in the business, networking using social media, and the rise of the “$100 million spec home,” building off of a recent piece in the Los Angeles Times on that very topic, and catapulting the event into the afternoon panel discussion.

The afternoon panel, featuring experts on the “$100 Million Producers” discussion, included Hilton & Hyland’s Jeff Hyland, along with Chris Cortazzo, Jade Mills, Joyce Rey, Kurt Rappaport, Linda May, Myra Nourmand, Randy Solakian, and Suzanne Perkins. These executives spoke about the factors that led them to join the “$100 million producers group,” those who transact that amount in business each year. The executives spoke of the distinct differences in high net worth individuals – their buying preferences, purchase styles, and how to best manage client expectations. They took to the podium to discuss how to reach foreign buyers and grow a network. They also explained that the key is traveling and networking as well as forming relationships with fellow agents.

While the real estate world has evolved in dramatic ways over the years, Jeff Hyland contended that tried-and-true tactics still win out. “It’s going out there all of the time to conferences. It’s traveling and immersing yourself in the evolving market,” Hyland said.

“You may have a great friend who’s got a great estate, and they refer you to that property, and you can sell it locally or internationally. But it’s the people they introduce you to, and those are your contacts. Between that and knowing brokers in every major market, your success is pretty solid,” he added.


The summit took place on Wednesday, April 8 at The London West Hollywood, and was host to a diverse array of leading real estate agents in the area, each of whom derived important information and influential tools for their respective agencies.


Open Sunday, April 19th, 2-5pm

1129 Tower Rd – Beverly Hills, CA



Jamie Nugent | 310-804-6039


11794 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0009_11794 Ellice pics.002


Rodrigo Iglesias | 310-699-3435


11755 Ellice St – Malibu, CA

OH3.15.15_0010_Coelho Lot 15, lowres


Rodrigo Iglesias | 310-699-3435


9250 Cordell Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Chad Rogers | 310-858-5417


1717 Sunset Plaza Drive – Los Angeles, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | 310-998-7175


423 Fullerton Ave – Newport Beach, CA



Wayne Pridgen | 310-301-6523


771 Teakwood Road – Los Angeles, CA

OH041915_0001_771 Teakwood  - Full Size-1


Laura Kalb | 818-371-9350


16557 Park Lane Circle – Los Angeles, CA



Zach Goldsmith | 310-908-6860


4248 Bellingham Avenue – Studio City, CA



Alphonso Lascano | 818-800-8848


 2434 23rd Street – Los Angeles, CA



Alphonso Lascano | 818-800-8848


875 Comstock #4D – Los Angeles, CA



Adi Wetherman | 310-598-0260


241 Reeves #302 – Beverly Hills, CA

OH032215_0004_241 S Reeves Web Size-16


Adi Wetherman | 310-598-0260


10816 Whipple – Street Studio City, CA

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Ambra Bisconti | 310.498.2151


12522 Sarah Street – Studio City, CA



Bjorn Farrugia | 310-998-7175


4541 Colfax Avenue #110 – Studio City, CA



Shelly Maslan | 310-278-3311

Hilton & Hyland Announces O’Gara Coach as Partner for Christie’s International Real Estate Annual Conference

Hilton & Hyland is thrilled to announce their partnership with luxury car dealership O’Gara Beverly Hills as Christie’s International kicked off their Annual Real Estate Conference, which was held March 23‐26, 2015 at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel. In attendance were 400 owners, brokers and agents of 138 of the finest luxury real estate firms from around the world.


Christie’s International Real Estate, which was formed in 1995, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Christie’s – the famed luxury auction house founded in 1766 by James Christie – aims to have a global reach with a local focus, and this conference did just that: By bringing together leaders together from London to New York and Hong Kong to Beverly Hills, Chicago and Palm Beach, the event allowed a cross-functional discussion of the premier advancements in luxury real estate.


Christie’s International Real Estate is renowned for breaking records and moving ground in luxury real estate. Recent highlights include the sale of the Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. The 50-acre waterfront estate was sold in April 2014 for $120,000,000 and was, at the time of sale, the highest residential transaction ever recorded in the United States. Similarly, this event bolstered the Christie’s game-shifting name in conjunction with Hilton & Hyland, and underscored both firms’ commitment to world-class service with an international flavor. Just as Christie’s and Hilton & Hyland strive for, O’Gara Coach aims for best-in-class insights into their respective luxury sectors.


O’Gara Beverly Hills, which provides Bentley, Rolls Royce, and automobiles with exceptionally personalized service, is in line with the international flavor Christie’s International brings to this event. The partnership underscores Christie’s International’s focus on personalized real estate offerings, Hilton & Hyland’s long-standing tradition of forming lifelong relationships with clients. To all of these brands, a transaction is never a one-time deal but a commitment to ongoing excellence and personal service.

Hilton & Hyland’s Anna Sandro Featured in Women in Relocation Member Spotlight

Hilton & Hyland’s Anna Sandro was featured on Women in Relocation’s leaderboard this month. We congratulate Anna, an integral member of our team.


In her current post, Anna serves as Business Development Director for Hilton & Hyland.  In this role, Anna is responsible for broker-to-broker referrals and business development with emphasis on international markets, as well as driving a “culture of service” at Hilton & Hyland to ensure not only the brokerage’s agents, staff and clients receive exceptional service on a daily basis, but also that their Christie’s International Real Estate and Luxury Portfolio|Leading Real Estate Companies of the World affiliates and their clients are best positioned for synergistic success.  In the latter capacity, Anna is a liaison to the local community, creating and maintaining partnerships with local businesses and agencies.

To read more about Anna’s past and what led to her current post, click here.

Hilton & Hyland’s Charles Black Continues in Company Footsteps of Mentoring Youth

Hilton & Hyland’s Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development, Charles Black, spoke Wednesday to a group of students at Beverly Hills High School for the school’s Career Day.


The event, which featured leading executives  from the entertainment, real estate, journalism, finance, and healthcare industries, was a welcome opportunity for students to both garner valuable knowledge and network with leading executives in their respective fields of interest.

Black’s attendance underscores the brokerage’s ongoing commitment to mentoring youth and providing opportunities for the next generation of real estate agents and their support staffs.

U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu opened the event, with remarks which lasted just over ten minutes. “Life is often unpredictable and your passions may change,” he said. “Follow your passions. Take positions.” The students were then split into various speaker sessions, sectored by industry, and an eventual Speaker and Alumni networking lunch.

“Mentors and those who came before me opened a plethora of opportunities for me, so helping out the next generation is something I take seriously and something I actively strive for daily,” Black said in discussing his attendance. Black also appeared at the DECA event Thursday, April 2nd, as part of his relationship with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce where he is a member of the Board of Directors, speaking to a group of students in the evening, which also took place at Beverly Hills High School.

Hilton & Hyland Congratulates Mia Trudeau on the Sale of Liongate Estate

Hilton & Hyland is pleased to congratulate our own Mia Trudeau on the sale of the Liongate Estate.


The property is truly a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary home, and offers a piece of history with great distinction. It has been featured extensively in the media as the pinnacle of modern luxury real estate, including EXTRA TV, among others.

Throughout the property, custom and authenticated architectural interiors merge with a rare combination of furnishings and finishes to yield interiors which have received many local accolades.

Originally built in 1938 by world-renowned architect Paul Williams on nearly two acres of private land in lower Bel-Air, the estate has been re-imagined and generously expanded from the ground up, while maintaining the true integrity of the original architect. Local architect Dean Larkin was the guiding force of this effort.


“It was a tremendous privilege to have been given the confidence to market and handle this esteemed estate,” said Trudeau. “The trust placed in me by my client and the road we traveled together was a four and a half year journey of architectural appreciation, intricate precision, and intense care to each facet of this process, and I’m thrilled to see the home will be in great hands.”


Composer and musician Jack Lawrence was the first owner of this home, who then sold the home in 1979 to singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers. Rogers’ Zodiac sign was the Leo, and named the estate Liongate after his interest in astrology. Williams, known as a perfectionist with the highest integrity, took intimate care in the detailed design of the original property, which was nearly tripled in size to form the current estate.


Trudeau, who carries an international reputation, having traveled the world extensively during her prior career in the fashion industry, has an international perspective in all that she does. She has lived in seven different countries and is fluent in French. Her worldly experiences have led to current listings in the Fiji Islands, and a broad, international client base that inform her worldview.


Inclusive of furniture and prized assets, some of whom were added courtesy of the eclectic and diverse tastes of previous owners, the estate was sold for just under $50 million.

Hilton & Hyland’s Zach Goldsmith Chats Fryman Canyon in THR

One of many key benefits to Studio City’s exclusive Fryman Canyon neighborhood, according to Hilton & Hyland’s Zach Goldsmith, is that buyers get more for their money in terms of square footage and land. “Not as much as you used to, though,” he cautions; “but it’s better than the Westside,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Goldsmith added: “Restaurants, shops, bars, and dog-walkers all line Ventura Boulevard, creating the perfect midway point between the hustle and bustle of the Westside and the rest of the Valley. “

“All the nature the west coast has to offer is readily found in Fryman Canyon.   Some of the best restaurants from the Westside have found second homes in Studio City, and originals are popping up daily. There’s always been a creative, artistic spirit to the area, and it’s coming to fruition today with families enjoying the scenery and neighborhood parks to walk their dogs, the unparalleled nature scenes, and the peaceful retreat it provides people of all ages,” Goldsmith continued.

See the rest of the piece here.

Hilton & Hyland Hosts Successful Estate Tour to Kickoff Christie’s International Real Estate Conference

Hilton & Hyland hosted an Estate Tour to kick off the Christie’s International Real Estate Annual Conference Monday afternoon.


The tour, which was led in caravan style through the streets of Beverly Hills, began at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. With various routes canvassing Robinson Gardens, the estate on Elden Way; The Legendary Beverly House on Beverly Drive; Oak Pass Road’s modern estate; and the Greystone Manor on Loma Vista, the estate tour canvassed the multifaceted modern day luxury real estate world.


Robinson Gardens, the venerable property that has captured the attention of everyone from historians to those who appreciate elegant gardens and traditional design, showcased its breathtaking display garden, mansion, and pool pavilion.


The Legendary Beverly House, home to movies including “The Bodyguard” and “The Godfather” sits atop a private knoll three blocks from Sunset Boulevard. The long private driveway ascends one of the city’s longest private drives that open into a courtyard fountain.


The estate on Oak Pass Road catapulted the contemporary portion of the tour.  The cutting-edge architectural triumph strategically highlights the 130-plus oak trees that line the property. The two-home compound, ideal for an art aficionado, has an abundance of gallery walls, and was designed by architect Noah Walker.

ChristiesConference_0003_2371.Greystone 1053

The Greystone Mansion highlighted a historic site with a storied past, tucked away in the hills and underscoring the eloquent mansion and spectacular gardens that are home to some of the most special events hosted throughout the year in the City of Beverly Hills.


At the manor, O’Gara Coach, the ultra-luxury automotive dealership, graciously sponsored the event, providing their signature luxury vehicles to showcase to visitors entering the home.


Hilton & Hyland cofounder Jeff Hyland welcomes guests at the Greystone Mansion.


Hilton & Hyland’s Charles Black and Kate Brickley enter the Greystone Mansion.


Guests enjoy food trucks and exchange creative ideas outside the Greystone Mansion.


Jeff Hyland on-the-go as he meets with our partners from Christie’s International.


Hilton & Hyland’s Charles Black, Alla Furman, Luke Anderson, and Zach Goldsmith mingle with guests outside the Greystone Mansion.

Paul McClean – Excellence in Modern Design

Paul McClean, who has designed several past and current listings of Hilton & Hyland’s, is unique in his field of contemporary design.  McClean’s firm, the eponymous McClean Design, specializes in the design of contemporary homes, and has completed numerous houses in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles in the last ten years. Their stated mission is to foster “an interest in modern living and a desire to connect our clients to the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.”

On Tanager Way in the Bird Streets neighborhood is one of Drew Fenton and Tyrone McKillen’s current listings designed by McClean.


The home exemplifies all that is McClean, and the taste and class that are hallmarks of Hilton & Hyland’s style: A two-wing, J-shaped residence benefits from a secure entrance courtyard highlighted by a glass-walled bridge that crosses over a water feature below and into a dramatic combined living and dining area.  True to McClean’s style, the home makes extensive use of glazing systems to maximize views and provides a warm, light-filled contemporary space.


In the past, Fenton & McKillen have also listed 31696 Sea Cliff Drive, a McClean masterpiece located two houses from the water on the west side of Pacific Coast Highway.


The home, which was recently completed, has views from almost every room with floor to ceiling glass walls that open to the ocean breeze and sunset vistas. It also includes Portuguese Limestone and white oak flooring, smart technology that controls all aspects of the home through a smartphone and iPad, along with a beautiful white Carrera marble kitchen with Euro style cabinetry and top of the line appliances.


On Stradella Road in Bel-Air, Michael LaMontagna and Williams & Williams currently have listed the just-completed modern masterpiece, another one of Hilton & Hyland’s current listings by McClean.


The seamless integration between luxury and utility, featuring sweeping panoramic city views beyond compare, the home is an unprecedented multisensory experience, the true pinnacle of McClean’s style. Every inch of this seven bedroom, 12 bathroom architectural dream home exhibits sharp attention to fine detail and composition.

McClean is among many architects who provide exquisite homes that are the very definition of contemporary, modern, and sleek style, part of Los Angeles’ constantly evolving design scene.

Velis represents buyer in sale of home of late actress and singer Betty Jane Rhodes Brown

Our own Dimitri Velis recently made headlines in the Los Angeles Times’ venerable Hot Properties section for his sale of the estate previously owned by late Betty Jane Rhodes Brown, the actress and singer known for her movie roles during the late 1930s.


Rhodes Brown was known widely for her debut performance of the classic song, “I Don’t Want To Walk Without You”, in “Sweater Girl” in 1942.  In 2012, Tom Vallance of The Independent wrote of Rhodes’ performance, “Her place in the history of popular song is secured by her having introduced on screen one of the great songs of wartime longing, “I Don’t Want To Walk Without You.”


The gated tennis court estate in Beverly Hills was previously owned by Rhodes, and is sited on nearly four acres. The Mediterranean-style home counts a grand entry, an art studio and a sauna among its exquisite features.  The prime convergence of progressive and Mediterranean style, the home is of a unique variety.


The home was sold by Jeff Hyland and Alla Furman, also of Hilton & Hyland.

Just-Listed in Bel-Air: Gorgeous Family Home on 1.2 Acres

Built by Paul Williams in 1936, this sprawling, two-story estate features a floating-style staircase, high ceilings, two dining rooms, screening room, wine cellar, bar, billiard room, two offices, gift-wrapping room, flower-arranging room, beauty salon, eight fireplaces, two motor courts, paddle tennis court, swimming pool, and a seven-car garage. On Bellagio Road in Bel-Air.


The home clocks in at 11 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and 20,866 square feet of living space, on a breathtaking 1.2 acres, at 10771 Bellagio Road, Bel-Air 90077.


Last year, 132 single-family homes sold in the 90077 ZIP Code at a median price of $2.2 million, according to CoreLogic DataQuick. That was a 13.8% price increase from 2013.


The home is listed by our own Drew Fenton for $35 million.

Hilton & Hyland’s Jonathan Nash and the British-American Business Council Welcome 9th Earl Charles Spencer

Hilton & Hyland’s own Jonathan Nash, who sits on the Board of Directors of the British-American Business Council, recently hosted an event for Charles Spencer’s book launch.


Spencer, who is the brother of the late Princess Diana, the maternal uncle of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, as well as the great-uncle of Prince George of Cambridge, recently wrote a tome on the execution of the King of England on January 30, 1649. The book is the account of the fifty-nine regicides, the men who signed Charles I’s death warrant.


The event, which was the Los Angeles launch of his newest and fourth book, “Killers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute Charles,” drew leaders from both British and American business communities, to congratulate 9th Earl Spencer on the successful launch of his latest book. The book has debuted to rave reviews and been hailed as “a worthwhile examination of an often ignored aspect of English history,” highlighting the tremendous respect readers have for Spencer’s intimate knowledge of the country and history he knows and loves.

9th Earl Spencer and his distinguished career both highlight the class and integrity Nash and his Hilton & Hyland colleagues strive for daily, and we are pleased as an organization to see the partnership with the BABC grow and expand alongside our British colleagues.

Alla Furman sells gorgeous, discrete home with stunning views of city and ocean

Hilton & Hyland congratulates Alla Furman on her sale of this gorgeous, private, and gated estate at the end of a cul-de-sac. The home, which has five bedroom and seven bathrooms, is perfect for a large family. With incomparable views of the city and ocean, the home was a unique find.

The home features formal entry, a gourmet kitchen with breakfast area, guest house, master suite with his and hers bathrooms, two-level walk in closet, formal dining room, gym, and media room with bar.  Located on El Retiro Way in Beverly Hills, the home will be the perfect family home for years to come.

Charming Spanish, open floor plan in Beverly Hills Just Listed

This just-listed property is a charming Spanish-style home with a two-story guest home. It features an open floor plan with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and skylights. A beautiful spacious living room open into a formal dining area and cook’s kitchen. The private back yard with a pool are perfect for family living and entertaining. The home perfectly meshes comfortable, family living with Spanish Style to create the prime-for- entertaining destination.

The home is located at 321 South Linden Drive, in Beverly Hills, and is listed for $3,250,000.

Hilton & Hyland Wins Luxury Portfolio International Award for Highest Average Production by Sales Volume

Hilton & Hyland is pleased to receive the award for Luxury Portfolio International’s 2014 Agent Production in the Highest Average Sales Volume per Agent category.


The award was won for the third consecutive year, based on our submission of a closed $2.9 Billion in total residential sales volume, across 752 residential transaction sides for the calendar year 2014.  Additionally, Hilton & Hyland closed 83% of these at a price of $1 million or more.

Each of these figures represents Hilton & Hyland’s ongoing willingness to be ahead of the curve with regards to emerging trends, while retaining our edge in being the preeminent base of knowledge in the area for historical, architectural, and design of homes in the Los Angeles area. The firm has broken several real estate records representing the single largest sale in Beverly Hills history, located on Hilcrest Road, listed for $85 million.

“Being recognized with a Member Achievement Award is a noteworthy distinction, signifying an exceptional level of real estate expertise and professionalism,” said LeadingRE President and CEO Pam O’Connor in announcing the award. “We are pleased to celebrate this outstanding firm for being among the top real estate companies in the world and commend them for their many accomplishments.”

Since 1993, Hilton & Hyland has provided customized, top-tier service to the luxury real estate market, with a focus on the Los Angeles area and reach around the world.

Hilton & Hyland’s Trudeau Guests on EXTRA to talk “Liongate”

Hilton & Hyland’s Mia Trudeau will appear on EXTRA this weekend, in a segment promoting the Liongate Estate, at 616 Nimes Road in Bel Air.

As the segment highlights, Trudeau, who has lived in seven countries and is fluent in French, brings the perfect convergence of a wealth of knowledge and passion for worldly tastes with her unparalleled insights into the local area’s design and architectural scene.

Liongate, which was originally created by the world renowned Paul Williams, has been remastered with exquisite integrity and class as today’s most prestigious luxury real estate. It’s located at the lower east gate of Bel Air on a rare street-to-street lot, and includes two formal, gated entrances. With eleven bedrooms, seventeen baths and three living rooms, the home is perfectly poised for family living and entertaining alike.

Entertain in the twelve-seat theater, enjoy wine straight from the climate-controlled wine room, and venture into the expansive saltwater pool before retreating to a master suite with views that overlook Century City and Downtown Los Angeles.

The home is listed for $65,000,000, and is available by private showing only.

Just sold by Alla Furman of Hilton & Hyland – Mediterranean Tennis Court estate in Beverly Hills

Hilton & Hyland congratulates Alla Furman on her just-sold, private Mediterranean tennis court estate at the west end of the cul-de-sac at Heather Road.


The gated property, which sits on approximately 3.9 acres and features spectacular city, mountain and ocean views also has a grand entry leading to an open floor plan, complete with with high ceilings and hardwood floors.



The home, which has a large living and family room, both with fireplace, art studio, sauna and cook’s kitchen, is perfect for family living. Upstairs is a luxurious master suite with a bar, fireplace, his and her closets and three additional bedroom suites. The lush grounds feature a pool, spa and tennis court that overlook beautiful views of the city.  Heather Road is the perfect, cozy street to raise a family, and we congratulate Alla on the sale!

Drew Fenton and Tyrone McKillen List Architectural Triumph on the Sunset Strip

On the most prestigious cul-de sac in the exclusive Bird Streets, a daring architectural triumph with panoramic views has been listed by top agent Drew Fenton.


Designed by Paul McClean and furnished by Minotti, striking contemporary features include dramatic 13 foot ceilings, automated disappearing walls of glass that open to grassy yard and a 65 foot infinity edge pool.  The home provides views of the entire Los Angeles Basin – from Downtown to Pacific Ocean, with the finest craftsmanship and selection of the most sophisticated finishes.  The home’s master suite opens to a private, covered lounging terrace with fireplace and a baja shelf, which spills onto the main pool. The home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.



The home, perfectly poised for entertaining, includes a Striking “Water Lounge” with a bar and fireplace overlooking cascading double height water feature and living walls.  A luxurious screening room that seats twelve guests to start the evening is included, including state-of-the-art technology by Crestron. The home has the perfect sky deck for large scale events with jetliner views.

The listing price is $32,000,000.

Oak Pass Road 3.5 Acre Architectural Compound Lists for $23 Million

As The Wall Street Journal reported today, Hilton & Hyland will list two modern homes designed around more than 100 oak trees in Beverly Hills for $23 million.


The main home, an approximately 7,600-square-foot concrete and glass house, was just completed and has never been lived in. The nearby second home, which is an approximately 2700 square foot barn-inspired structure, was completed in early 2013. Though the homes constitute two separate lots, the houses are close in proximity and are only being offered together.

The larger house, which is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home built on a ridge with canyon views, has a 75-foot-long lap pool that overflows into a second pool below. A large oak tree, which was used as a focal point when designing the property, hangs over the water. There is an herb garden on the roof and an open-air courtyard with sliding glass walls that forms the center of the lower-level living space. A 920-bottle wine-cellar with a glass wall frames the living space downstairs.



Gary Gold of Hilton & Hyland is the selling agent.

Hilton & Hyland Welcomes Aneela Zaman to the team

Hilton & Hyland is pleased to welcome Aneela Zaman to the team.  A native of Toronto, Canada, Aneela has had a keen eye for emerging trends and locations from a young age. Aneela arrived in Los Angeles in 2000, recalling, “I knew this was home for me the moment I arrived”.

Before beginning her real estate career, Aneela worked as a freelance artist for several years in photography and makeup, working closely with clients to capture and create commercial vision for their product. Aneela took the time to listen and help orchestrate what the clients were looking to create from the beginning to the end of the process. These experiences have allowed her to polish her skills in communication and problem solving – both of which give her clients an enormous competitive advantage when working with her.

Aneela’s approach to real estate is more personal than most, and she believes that this personal touch leads to successful transactions for her clients. Because she takes the time to get acquainted and learn something of their hopes and dreams, she is able to ask inquisitive questions and get an intrinsic feel for clients.

Aneela brings to the table a keen eye for property condition and has a second-nature ability to assist clients in visualizing dreams and helping address the affordability of changes the client may want to make on a property.

On her new appointment to the team, Aneela said, “I embrace life’s journeys and sincerely welcome the opportunity to assist clients with theirs. Real estate transactions involve some of the most important decisions a person can make.   My responsibility and commitment to you ensures that you will feel comfortable, informed, and relaxed in what can be a stressful time.”

Hilton & Hyland Welcomes Anna Marie Simpliciano to the team

Anna Marie’s 13 years in the real estate business have seen her learn from and work with top brass across the real estate world, including Former Chairman of Estates for Prudential John Aaroe Beverly Hills and Joseph Babajian.  From 2010 to 2012, Anna Marie was mentored and worked closely under Coldwell Banker’s # 1 agent worldwide for 3 consecutive years, Chris Cortazzo.  During that period, Anna Marie had been involved in over 100 transactions in Malibu worth close to $300 million dollars. She has been involved in over $400 million dollars worth of transactions in her 13 years in the real estate business.

Anna Marie prides herself on expertly matching each client’s home with their lifestyle, while being smart, patient, always available, and a valuable resource. She works diligently at negotiating the best deals possible for her buyer’s and obtaining the highest offers for her sellers.

A native of Foster City, California, Anna Marie moved to Los Angeles when she was afforded the opportunity to work for companies representing some of the most beautiful properties in the world. She has genuine love of real estate, and an innate passion for helping people achieve the dream of owning a home that best represents their lifestyle.   As a natural people person, Anna Marie quickly realized that in this business, relationships are key.  She understands the value of taking the time to get to know her clients, often maintaining a friendship long after the transaction has closed.

Anna Marie currently resides in West Los Angeles where she cultivates her own extraordinary lifestyle through travel and spending time with friends and family. She is passionate about philanthropy, and hopes to leave the world a better place than she found it through helping mentor disadvantaged and foster youth.

Anna Marie looks forward to working with her clients, their friends and referrals. She welcomes you to contact her at any time with any questions or real estate needs.

Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands Bring Holiday Cheer to Children at the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club

The Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands program is helping to make the season bright for more than two dozen children in the Los Angeles area. Hilton & Hyland’s Beverly Hills office took part in a toy drive to benefit the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club. Gifts were collected for 35 children who are members of this influential organization.

Hilton & Hyland Boys and Girls Club

Along with the toy drive, volunteers passed out these gifts and others to the families that attended the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club holiday celebration. Six hundred families were in attendance, each receiving a food basket. Presents were also given to members as well as their siblings. Gift items included toys, art sets, and a variety of other items for toddlers to teens. All those in attendance at the holiday celebration took part in a meal, celebrated with music, and visited with Santa Claus.


Charles Black, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, said, “We are grateful to be able to play a role in the Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club holiday celebration. Every child should feel safe and warm during the holidays. The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club ensures that their young members feel that warmth throughout the year. Hilton & Hyland are proud to help them in their efforts.”


The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club is located in a 33,000 square-foot facility. Members have access to a swimming pool, gym, and athletic field. These members are children who need a place to build relationships, learn, and grow. They are encouraged to learn how to live healthy lives while being given hope for the future.

Hilton & Hyland Boys and Girls Club

Hilton & Hyland Boys and Girls Club

Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands Offers a Hand-Up with Food on Foot

Hilton & Hyland | Food on Foot

Every single Sunday for the past 18 years in a small Hollywood parking lot, Food on Foot has been offering a free meal and an opportunity to get a start out of poverty to the area’s homeless community.  Last Sunday 35 Hilton & Hyland Helping Hands volunteers were onsite to help distribute food, clothing, and a smile to the 180 people in-need who came through the line.  During their service the Hilton & Hyland volunteers met graduates of Food on Foot’s Work for Food program who have successfully transitioned from homelessness to working members in the community.

Hilton & Hyland | Food on Foot

Food on Foot founder, Jay Goldinger, began serving meals out of the trunk of his car in 1996.  Wanting to provide a ‘hand-up rather than a handout,’ Jay began recruiting volunteers from the homeless community to pick up litter from streets and parking lots in exchange for food gift cards.  Realizing it would take a greater commitment to address the needs of the homeless, Food on Foot was founded as a non-profit organization.  Today the Work for Food program helps approximately 40 individuals earn meals each week while building up their confidence and developing work practices to help transition back into society.



When you want to create one of the world’s most beautiful homes, you may have to go the lengths of the globe to do it. So it was with Hacienda De La Paz.

As the South Bay’s preeminent estate and one of America’s most distinctive properties, you might expect 50,000 square feet of living space, jetliner views and the ultimate in luxury and security. But for the Hacienda, traditional descriptors such as room counts are utterly eclipsed by the intriguing stories and secrets that run so much deeper.

The indoor pool is a perfect example. Lined by arches of hand carved sandstone blocks, each was made by a collective of some 300 nomadic Moroccan tribesmen in the traditions of their Moorish ancestors. Their incredible work was then carefully transported and reassembled in California, resulting in a pool setting so spectacular that it leaves visitors audibly gasping at its beauty; just a small part of one of the countless such stories that can be told about this stunning manor and the 17 years of its making.



Architecture Alert: Austrian Spencer House Designed by Raphael Soriano Hits The Market

The Austrian Spencer House by legendary mid-century architect Raphael Soriano. This redefined work of art is situated in a prime section of the Silver Lake hills moments from the reservoir, restaurants, coffee shops, and hiking trails. Views of downtown compliment this modern setting and open floor plan. Beautifully landscaped yard with terraced gardens, privacy, and spa create a tranquil outdoor experience. A true masterpiece that remains an important piece of Silver Lake’s rich mid-century history.


Raphael Soriano played an integral role in defining mid-century modern architecture.  After immigrating to Los Angeles in 1924 and graduating from the University of Southern California School of Architecture in 1929, Soriano interned for renowned architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler.   He was an intern for renowned architects Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler.  The Neutra VDL studio where Soriano interned is also located in Silver Lake and is a must see for mid-century architecture fans and followers.

The Austrian Spencer House represents one of only twelve homes remaining of Soriano’s 50 buildings he designed, making this a truly unique and rare opportunity to own a piece of history.

Represented by Michael LaMontagna.





MARKET TRENDS: Single Family Home Production To Take Off in 2015

The United States is bound to see a lot of changes in the future. One of the most satisfying is the growth of single-family homes. Thanks to a strong economy and low mortgage rates, homeowners are seeking new dwellings for their families. Likewise, 2015 will see an upsurge of renters who prefer new multi-family homes.


Rendering of 1108 Wallace Ridge, Beverly Hills. Breaking ground this month.

David Crowe of The National Association of Home Builders has said that 2014 was a positive year for builders, but the climate will only continue to improve. He added that this is likely due to the anxiety potential homeowners have recently felt over a poor economy that was spurred on by the mortgage crisis.

All of that is changing now that both the public and the private sector has improved in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in the United States is down to 5.9 percent. That figure is down by 1.3 percent in 2014. Projections are that unemployment in 2015 will continue to drop. This bodes well for builders who expect single-family production to increase by 2.5 percent in 2015 and even more in 2016. Indeed, the experts believe that 1.1 million new homes will be build in 2016, which is up from 991,000 in 2014. Multifamily homes have seen an even larger jump in production, though projections are that they will remain static at about 356,000 new buildings each in 2014 and 2015.

Along with new home construction, homeowners are taking on large remodeling projects on a steady basis. Surprisingly, remodeling, which has significantly increased for the last six quarters, is now at its all-time high. However, those numbers are expected to drop as more homeowners choose to buy new homes rather than remodel their existing dwellings.

The downside to this growth, if there is one, is that demand may outweigh the supply. With more Millennials moving from multi-family homes, builders could see themselves stretched in many communities. On the upside, this vast need may require an upsurge in construction employees. Some say that housing demand could create as many as 2 million jobs in 2015. This further improves the economic landscape, but it could also create an even larger need for new home production.

Low mortgage rates are key in keeping single-family home production high. Current mortgage rates are very low, hovering at about 3 to 4 percent, but that is not likely to remain the case for long. Experts believe that mortgage rates will elevate once more to about 6 percent by 2017. However, as long as unemployment remains low, that 6 percent figure should not affect the number of new homes being built in future years.

Though the United States is seeing an increase in single-family home production, the number of new homes being built is not steady throughout the nation. States that are still struggling with unemployment may not see an increase in housing needs anytime soon. These states include Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. Indeed, these states remain well below what is considered to be normal production levels and are projected to remain so at least through the next two years. Conversely, states that are experiencing a surge in employment, largely due to energy production, will continue to grow at a rapid pace for years to come. In the end, builders in the much of the nation will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills in the coming months.

1108 Wallace Ridge, Beverly Hills.  Represented by Branden Williams and Rayni Romito Williams.


wr-03-0004 (more…)

Home Is Where The He(art) Is

Over 125 real estate and art aficionados attended an evening of fine art, live music, appetizers and wine at the Falconview Estate in Bel-Air, a romantic mediterranean style home delightfully described as ‘Santa Barbara in the city.’  The extensive art collection on display included the works of renowned painters and sculptors Pablo Picasso, Charles Arnoldi, Willem de Koonig, Frank Stella, and more.


The estate, perched atop a 3.5 acre private knoll located at 10550 Fontenelle Way, is currently on the market, offered at $14,995,000.  Overlooking the leafy locale of the canyon below with the city in the background, the home offers unparalleled privacy and escape.  The property features a one acre park, hiking trails, sushi bar, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, private guest apartment, wine cellar, and three kitchens including chef’s kitchen.  Represented by Hilton & Hyland’s Alphonso Lascano, Bjorn Farrugia, and Jeff Hyland.



“The homeowner’s wonderful collection of art presented an ideal opportunity to leverage our unique relationship with Christie’s and invite the art community to see the collection and experience the home in a meaningful way.” – Alphonso Lascano

Michael Corbett, Emmy winning Real Estate and Lifestyle Correspondent of NBC’s Extra was among the guests who attended.



The event was sponsored by Hilton & Hyland, Carol Katzman and Kannon Klien of Boston Private Bank and Trust Company, and Christie’s International Real Estate, the real estate arm of the famous Christie’s art house.

Christie’s found buyers of highly collectable art and luxury real estate go hand-in-hand and chose to acquire the operation of Great Estates in 1987 to fulfill client demand.  Christie’s International Real Estate is the largest international network of independent real estate brokers specializing in the sale of important properties.  The network is comprised of more than 120 real estate firms with more than 500 offices and approximately 35,000 sales associates.  Hilton & Hyland is a founding member and exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate for the Los Angeles area.





Hilton & Hyland Teams Up With Montage Chefs for Ronald McDonald House Families


A group of Hilton & Hyland agents and employees teamed up with staff and professional chefs of the Montage Hotel to prepare and serve dinner for the children and families staying at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House (LARMH). The LARMH is the largest Ronald McDonald house in the world and has provided more than 30,000 families with a safe and supportive place to stay while their child undergoes treatment for critical illness or injuries at local hospitals.  The Ronald McDonald House Meals Of Love program gives families the night off, allowing them to focus on the care of their child, rather than worrying about grocery shopping and what to cook for dinner.


The Hilton & Hyland team spent the evening at the LARMH working alongside Gabriel Ask, Executive Chef of the Beverly Hills Montage Hotel, to prepare a Mexican style feast of braised carnitas tacos, beans, and fresh vegetables and salsa for approximately 70 guests.  While dinner was being prepared, volunteers had the opportunity to meet the families and work on art projects with the children.



“Dinner is a very special time for these families.  We’re humbled and pleased to come here and support the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House’s mission and support these families in a heartfelt way. – Charles L. Black III, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Development.Hilton-Hyland-Ronald-McDonald-House-4

Guests of the Ronald McDonald House pay a nominal nightly fee of $25 fee if they are able to afford it, no family has ever been turned away due to an inability to pay.  The LARMH is located near Children’s Hospital and features nicely appointed guest rooms, large communal kitchens, dining rooms, recreations rooms, playrooms, family rooms, and laundry facilities.


Visit the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House website more information on how you can participate in the Meals Of Love program.


Bird Streets Off-Market Listing Designed By Paul McClean

1442 Tanager Way

Off-Market Listing Represented by Drew Fenton and Tyrone McKillen

Located less than a mile above Sunset, yet you’ll feel like you’re living in the clouds with the sweeping views that stretch from the basin to the coast at 1442 Tanager Way.  Situated in the area of the “Bird Streets”, houses in the area have become a hot spot for celebrity neighbors and scenic vistas.

With inspired design by SoCal modernist architect Paul McClean, creator of luxury home concepts throughout Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, McClean’s designs connect his homes with the environment and are created to take advantage of local landscape and maximize views.


8 Hilton & Hyland Agents named in The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Real Estate Agents


Entertainment magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, has named 8 Hilton & Hyland agents in their 2014 list of Top 25 Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles.  Agents were chosen for their famous listings, such as the $135M Beverly House represented by Jeff Hyland, and the star power of their client list, which include celebrities Mila Kunis, Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, and David Murdock.

Josh Altman & Matt Altman

NOTABLE DEALS Matt, a former talent agent, and Josh are brothers seen on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. Sales include Mila Kunis’ Hollywood Hills pad for $3.8 million and the Dorothy Chandler estate in Hancock Park for $10.6 million.
PERSONAL RESIDENCES Josh lives in a Bird Streets contemporary house, while Matt has a contemporary in the Hills. It’s for sale for $3 million; he paid $2.3 million for it and rebuilt it. “We flip a lot of homes,” says Matt.

Drew Fenton

NOTABLE DEALS Fenton represented the buyer in the purchase of the $33 million Doheny Estate in Bel-Air as well as the buyer in Dole Food Co. billionaire David Murdock’s sale of his 12,435-square-foot Bel-Air home for $24 million.
PERSONAL RESIDENCE A contemporary with traditional touches in the Hills.

Jeff Hyland and Rick Hilton

NOTABLE DEALS Hilton and Hyland founded the agency 21 years ago — they now have 130 agents — and still hit the streets to sell homes. Together, they sold the Doheny Estate in Bel-Air for more than $30 million, the largest sale there ever. Hyland holds L.A.’s most expensive listing right now, the $135 million Beverly House, once owned by William Randolph Hearst.
PERSONAL RESIDENCES Hyland is in a redone 1960s home in Trousdale, while Hilton lives in a French country-style home in Bel-Air.

Branden Williams & Rayni Romito Williams

NOTABLE DEALS The husband-and-wife team is listing accessories mogul Bruce Makowsky’s tricked-out $85 million spec home in Trousdale that includes a $200,000 candy-dispensing wall and a 2,500-bottle glass-walled wine room stocked with Dom Perignon. Last year, the pair sold a 10,000-square-foot Holmby Hills home known as the Reserve for $25 million, which netted its flippers –Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters — a nearly 50 percent profit.
PERSONAL RESIDENCE A renovated 1962 Jack Charney-designed estate in Trousdale.

Jonah Wilson

NOTABLE DEAL Wilson, who is reported to represent Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, sold a renovated vintage Spanish home in Los Feliz for a neighborhood record of $8.1 million. “I’m pretty proud of that,” he says. “It was so pretty, a big Spanish home. It was one of the trophy houses of Los Feliz.”
PERSONAL RESIDENCE A contemporary high-rise in West Hollywood.

Original appeared on The Hollywood Reporter


864 Stradella Road, Bel-Air

The best views in Bel-Air. Designed by renowned architect Paul McClean and completed in August 2014, this modern masterpiece is a sight to behold. From the moment you enter, you can feel a true sense of seamless integration between luxury and utility.


Hilton & Hyland

Featuring sweeping panoramic city views beyond compare, this exceptional house is an unprecedented multi-sensory experience.


Hilton & Hyland

Every inch of this 7 bedroom, 12 bathroom architectural dream home exhibits sharp attention to fine detail and composition. Simply put, this flawless home has set the new standard for luxury homes in Bel-Air.

Hilton & Hyland

MORE INFORMATION & PHOTOS | Represented by Michael LaMontagna


 227 Copa De Oro Road, Bel-Air

The crown jewel of coveted Copa de Oro. Exceptional Georgian Estate, in a superb East Gate location. Majestic and filled with character, this significant architectural masterpiece has a rich history and provenance. Built in 1929 for John Hamilton, and listed in the definitive registry of architect Paul Williams. Multi-year restoration & expansion just completed, with meticulous attention paid to every detail. A truly grand property without any compromises.


High ceilings. 4 bedrooms upstairs, each with en-suite baths. Incredible master suite overlooking pool & lush grounds with a lavish master bath. Gourmet chef’s kitchen and a large adjacent family room.


Hilton & Hyland

Exquisite finishes throughout that are decorator-perfect. The compound includes an oversized guest house & inviting pool house. Enormous car collector’s garage. Very bright & cheerful, with sunlight all day. An extremely rare offering, which exudes refinement, elegance & sophistication.


MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS | Represented by Drew Fenton

Luxury Real Estate Summit to be Hosted at Liongate Estate

Hilton & Hyland Agents Among Industry Expert Speakers


The Legendary Liongate Estate will play host to Luxury Connect, a private full-day event by Inman News and sponsor, Hilton & Hyland, on Oct. 23.  The private event is limited to 100 guests and will feature 36 guest speakers including Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, as well as Hilton & Hyland’s own Josh Altman and Gary Gold.  Topics will focus on how technology, new business models and innovative strategies are changing the luxury real estate market. Visit Luxury Connect for information and tickets.

The Liongate Estate, represented by Mia Trudeau of Hilton & Hyland, was designed by the famed Paul Williams, the first African-American member of the American Institute of Architects.  During his outstanding career, Williams designed many iconic buildings in Los Angeles and over 2,000 private residences, including the celebrity homes of Frank Sinatra and Lucile Ball.  The lush 24,000 square foot estate is listed for $65M and features 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, ballroom, billiards room, tennis courts, pool and more.






The Altman Brothers Return to Million Dollar Listing

Hilton & Hyland’s Josh Altman and Matt Altman are back for Bravo’s 7th season of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.  Watch the brothers take on the fiercely competitive Los Angeles real estate market on Wednesdays at 9PM on Bravo.

Altman Brothers - Million Dollar Listing


Featured Home: 800 Linda Flora Drive – Drew Fenton


Majestically positioned in the hills of Bel Air, the Palazzo della Figlia boasts panoramic ocean to city view, while offering privacy and seclusion.  Represented by Drew Fenton.


800 Linda Flora | Drew Fenton

Walk out from the Tuscan style pergola covered courtyard and across a small bridge to reach a “floating” fire pit area, a perfect place to gather and entertain anytime of year.


Featured Home: The Spanish Estate – Malibu

Oceanside Gem in Malibu’s MariSol Community

Few homes enjoy such a privileged position as the Spanish Estate, nestled against the stunning coastal backdrop in Malibu’s award winning MariSol community.  Designed by internationally renowned architect, Barry Berkus, A.I.A, the Spanish Estate represents flawless integration of indoor/outdoor living.  His use of grand, open-space, multi-generational architecture can be seen throughout this single-story, Spanish-style contemporary.

Barry Berkus designed over 600,000 homes during his long career, earning over 450 awards design and planning awards.  He was named one of the world’s “top 100 architects” by Architectural Digest and one of the 100 most influential individuals of American housing in the past century by Builder magazine.  His design of the neighboring Showcase Estate won the 2011 Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference Home of the Year award and shares a nearly identical floorplan as the Spanish Estate.  Interview with Barry Berkus on the design of the Showcase Estate.

Berkus’ innovative style helped shape MariSol into award winning community it is today.  MariSol is comprised of 17 understated, single-story beach homes and lots on 80 acres of Malibu bluff.  Offering a carefree, resort lifestyle, homes are accompanied with lengthy warranties, 24/7 security, and free home maintenance and concierge services for five years.

11768 Ellice St.  Malibu, CA

The five bedroom, 7088 square foot Spanish Estate is situated atop a bluff overlooking one of Malibu’s best surf spots, County Line Beach.  The beautifully landscaped grounds feature a 50′ wide infinity edge pool, separate spa, and stairs that lead down to a private 4,000 “bluff top beach.”

11768 Ellice St Malibu, CA


Hilton & Hyland Joins Habitat for Humanity

Agents and Employees Roll Up Their Sleeves for the Community

Early Wednesday morning, 10 Hilton & Hyland agents and employees were ready with hammers, power tools, and team spirit.  The team headed to Long Beach to work with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA).  Yes, real estate agents can get out of the office and roll up their sleeves – and even enjoy doing it!


Hilton & Hyland - Habitat for Humanity


Featured Home: 1620 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills – Drew Fenton


Impeccably presented, this modern estate epitomizes luxury Trousdale living.  Designed by Paul McClean and prestigiously addressed in Beverly Hills.  This exclusive residence is situated on a street to street lot for unobstructed views and boasts over 9,393 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.  Represented by Drew Fenton.



The front of the home is privately positioned behind 12 foot gates and features a dramatic two story courtyard and water feature centered by an old growth olive tree.




Featured Property: Bel Air Country Club Estate


The Bel Air Country Club was founded in 1927 by Alphonzo Bell, a Los Angeles oil tycoon who planned and developed Bel Air in the 1920’s.  The scenic and hilly course has consistently ranked in the Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S. by Golf Magazine and features a picturesque landscape with manicured Bermuda grass fairways, a swinging bridge that crosses over a deep canyon, and an abundance of wildlife.  The exclusive member list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and includes many entertainment executives and actors like Jack Nicholson, Chuck Lorre, Tom Cruise, and Roger Birnbaum.  Notable past members include Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, and Howard Hughes.  Hughes stirred quite a commotion at the club in 1936 when he famously landed his Sikorsky airplane on the 8th fairway when he was running late for a golf date with Katharine Hepburn.

This grand estate is perched along the 9th fairway, adjacent to Hughes’s temporary runway, offering panoramic and unobstructed views of the course and canyon.  Located on prestigious “Lower Perugia Way,” this is one of only 12 homes that front the golf course.

Bel Air Country Club Real Estate

565 Perugia Way | Bel Air Country Club



Mark Twain cleverly said “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”  And land becomes even more rare and desirable when it’s surrounded by tropical ocean water.  A private island is one of the ultimate trophy properties one can own, offering instant status, unparalleled privacy, and the opportunity to set the rules of your own island kingdom.

Johnny Depp, Larry Ellison, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Richard Branson are a few members of the elite club of private island owners who are living out their Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe fantasies.  But it’s probably safe to say they’re not fighting off natives or living in tree houses bound together with weathered rope.  Private island owners are often visionaries seeking a blank canvas to create their own private paradise, bringing in materials to build resort-like amenities.

The private island lifestyle unlocks a level of freedom few have experienced.  With accessibility limited to a boat, or plane if your island has a landing strip, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors or the paparazzi dropping in unexpectedly.  You are free to experience the ivory white sandy beaches and explore the exotic tropical forests without interruption from the outside world.

Here are two of the finest examples of private islands for sale, represented by Hilton & Hyland.



Private Islands For Sale - Fiji

Katafanga Island, Fiji

A timeless and rare opportunity to own one of the last freehold islands in the South Pacific paradise of Fiji. Katafanga Island, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is strategically encircled by a natural 5,000 acre bioluminescent turquoise blue lagoon, with breathtaking sugar white beaches.This sprawling 225 acre island of unspoiled beauty, laced by swaying coconut palm trees and natural habitat, is 1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide with 150 foot elevations. The impressive coral reef, which encompasses a pristine blue lagoon, magically has a natural opening of 200 feet wide, thus allowing for luxury yachts over 200 feet to enter and dock, and have the serene protection of the lagoon. The island could be a spectacular home for a world-class resort, which is under development. The majority of the vast infrastructure is completed at a cost of $20 million. Included in the sales offering are 20 private villas, a runway, golf course, ring roads, water reservoir, jetties and employee housing. Conceivably ideal for a hotel entrepreneur, boutique spa/resort owner, or simply for a luxurious island getaway.

MORE PHOTOS & INFORMATION | Represented by Trista Rullan


Private Islands For Sale - Caribbean

Georges Island, Honduras

One of the most breathtaking private islands in the turquoise Caribbean Ocean, Georges Island is located in the secluded Port Royal Bay, part of the Honduran Bay Islands and very close to Belize.  Situated on the the world’s second largest coral reef, one can experience unrivaled snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear tropical waters that surround the long stretching sandy beaches of this 29 acre island.  The fully self-contained island also boasts a 800 meter certified firm grass runway and includes a dreamy villa, which offers four bedrooms with en-suite baths with both indoor and outdoor showers.  Additional amenities include a rock-lined fresh water pool, hammock terrace, and boat dock making this a true paradise.

MORE PHOTOS & INFORMATION | Represented by Trista Rullan


FEATURED Trousdale Estates Homes for Sale


Trousdale Estates is a treasure trove of architectural bliss stashed away in the hills north of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  Originally part of the Doheny Ranch, Paul Trousdale purchased 429 acres in 1954 and began carefully plotting out the 532 lots that would become Trousdale Estates.  Wallace Neff, Paul Williams, Harold Levitt, and Frank Lloyd Wright were among many of the renowned architects to design the early residences and establish the neighborhood’s reputation as an architectural enclave.

Trousdale Estates touted a “life above it all” and quickly became one of Los Angeles’ hottest neighborhoods and attracted the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jane Fonda, and Elton John.  In a move to add a bit of Presidential prestige, developers sold Richard Nixon a home for a third of its value, though Nixon’s neighbor, Groucho Marx, joked “I’d rather have Nixon in that house than the other House.”  Today, the neighborhood’s star power continues with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Vera Wang, Ryan Seacrest, and Ellen DeGeneres calling Trousdale home in recent years.

The late 70’s marked what felt like the beginning of the end of California Modernism in Trousdale when the first home was razed and replaced with an ephemeral contemporary design covered in stucco.  Several homes met the same fate until the early 2000’s when young Hollywood began to take notice of their architectural significance and began buying up and renovating the properties, creating architectural trophy homes.

Below are three architectural Trousdale homes for sale, represented by Hilton & Hyland, that have been masterfully reinterpreted, maintaining a careful balance of mid-century design with modern materials and conveniences.



1119 Wallace Ridge | Trousdale Estates Homes for Sale

1119 Wallace Ridge | Trousdale Estates

This home’s free flowing floor plan reflects the traditional California Lifestyle of the 60’s with a modern influence.  The pool and spa give you the sense of looking at David Hockeny painting and overlooks the city and ocean below.  A spacious master suite shares the stunning views, large closets, and a spa like master bath.  Additional home features include newly remodeled kitchen, additional 3 bedrooms and baths, and a gate for added privacy and security.

MORE PHOTOS & INFORMATION | Represented by Rachel S. Maslan


525 Chalette Drive | Trousdale Estates Homes for Sale

525 Chalette Drive | Trousdale Estates

Tucked away on one of the best streets in Trousdale, known for its privacy, you enter this completely renovated estate through a private gated motor court with fountains lining the entryway.   Expansive living spaces with floor to ceiling windows that open to the explosive city and ocean views and a  backyard with entertaining area, sparkling pool, spa and outdoor shower. Kitchen and living areas are complete with state-of-the-art media and Creston home automation systems. Total of 5 bedrooms: 3 en-suite guest rooms, and a large maid’s quarters. The incredible master suite has a sitting room with a cocktail bar, spa with massage and steam room, luxurious bath, and dual walk-in closets.


Represented by Branden Williams & Rayni Romito Williams


1088 Hillcrest Rd | Trousdale Estates

1088 Hillcrest Rd | Trousdale Estates

Chic and sophisticated, this dynamic modern home by DIJ Group features Fleetwood windows that pocket to reveal expansive views to Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean.  This recently renovated view estate boasts every amenity including 4 bedrooms with ensuite baths, gourmet kitchen, media room with wine chiller, and a smart house automation system.  The gorgeous master bath with book matched Calacatta slabs and Gessi fixtures over looks salt water infinity pool and views to the city and beyond.  A unique LED lighting system provides colorful ambient lighting on architectural details.

MORE PHOTOS & INFORMATION | Represented by Drew Fenton


Featured Hollywood Hills Homes For Sale

5 Stunning Hollywood Hills Homes

There’s something spectacular about the ‘King of Everything’ views found from homes in the Hollywood Hills.  You can’t help but feel you ‘made it’ when you look out at the hustle of the City of Angels sitting below.  Beyond the views and iconic status, the Hollywood Hills offers a laid back atmosphere as well as diverse neighborhood and property offerings that are sure to fit your individual style.  Hilton & Hyland represents some of the finest luxury real estate in Los Angeles and has prepared five featured Hollywood Hills homes for sale below.

Richard Landry Bird Streets Home

Expansive city views encompass this stunning Richard Landry designed home on the famous Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills.  Starchitect Richard Landry has designed over 500 stunning private residences including homes for Mark Wahlberg, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky to name a few.  Landry’s homes have been featured throughout many notable architectural publications and has received several awards including the prestigious Stars of Design award from the Pacific Design Center.  

9329 Nightingale | Hollywood Hills | Bird Streets

9329 Nightingale | Hollywood Hills | Bird Streets


Malibu Summer Rentals are Heating Up

Summer Beach Pads Going Fast

Summers in Malibu are the perfect way to get away from it all, while still being close to it all.  Boasting 27 miles of scenic beauty with tranquil sandy beaches, world class surf spots, designer shopping, five star restaurants and classic local sandwich shacks, it’s no wonder Malibu’s summer rental market is heating up.

Prices are hitting unprecedented levels, but are still a bargain when compared to the Hamptons where prices can reach up to $1 million per month.  “If you want paradise, you need to pay for it — especially in the ‘Bu.” says Hilton & Hyland agent and Malibu native, Chad Rogers.

Below you’ll find four stunning Malibu beach pads available for lease, represented by Hilton & Hyland.

23660 Malibu Colony Road #42

Malibu Summer Rentals | 23660 Malibu Colony Rd #42

Malibu Summer Rentals | 23660 Malibu Colony Rd #42


The White House of the West – Hancock Park

Historic Hancock Park Real Estate

With a presidential guest list including Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, some called this Hancock Park estate “The White House of the West.”  The rest of us know this Los Angeles Landmark as Los Tiempos or the Dorothy Chandler Estate; famous for its residents, architecture, events, guests, and location.  Angelenos may recognize the Chandler name from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, named after Chandler for being one of the most influential cultural philanthropists in Los Angeles and American history.

Hancock Park Homes for Sale | Hilton & Hyland

455 Lorraine Boulevard – Hancock Park Real Estate

Dorothy Buffman, popularly known for her nickname “Buff,” met her husband Norman Chandler, son of L.A. Times publisher Harry Chandler, while attending Stanford University in the 1920’s.  Mrs. Chandler quickly became a significant social and political force in the community, hosting unrivaled cultural fundraisers for Children’s Hospital, Hollywood Bowl, and LA Philharmonic.  The 1964 Time Magazine praised Chandler for her fundraising as “perhaps the most impressive display of virtuoso money-raising and civic citizenship in the history of U.S. womanhood.”  Actor Charlton Heston recalled an incident in which “a very wealthy man gave her a check for $20,000, and she tore it up, said it was ridiculous, that she needed more than that.”


5 Mansions For Sale in Los Angeles

Mansions for Sale in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, & Rolling Hills

Cozy doesn’t cut it for the millionaire and billionaire home buyers seeking a mansion, or mega-mansion, to call home.  More like  personal five star resorts, these mega homes are measured in the tens of thousands of square feet and feature outrageous amenities, entertaining spaces, and special rooms you have to see to believe.

Hilton & Hyland represents some of the finest real estate in Los Angeles and has prepared a list of some of the biggest and most extravagant mansions for sale in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, and Rolling Hills.  More than just a big home, these estates are rich in history and design, and have been home to some of the world’s most influential people.


#1 – The Legendary Beverly House | Beverly Hills

Beverly HIlls Mansions for Sale| Beverly House

Beverly House | Beverly Hills Mansions

With an appearance in the classic movie The Godfather as well playing host to John and Jacqueline Kennedy during their honeymoon, the Beverly House may be as famous as its inhabitants.  Sited on approximately 6 flat acres atop a private knoll three blocks from Sunset Boulevard, the Beverly House was built by banking executive Milton Getz and later purchased by Marion Davies in 1946 for William Randolph Hearst, historical figure and most powerful publishing magnate of the 20th century.


FEATURED PROPERTY: A Spanish Gem in the Bird Streets

Bird Streets – 9212 Nightingale Drive | Los Angeles, CA 90069

Represented by Drew Fenton
(310) 858-5474
“The Best of the Best” 
Bird Streets - 9212 Nightingale Drive

FEATURED PROPERTY: The Liongate Bel Air Estate

The Liongate Estate | 616 Nimes Road  | Bel Air, CA 90077

Represented by Mia Trudeau
(310) 278-3311

This extraordinary Bel Air estate offers an opportunity to own a piece of history with great distinction.

Bel Air Estate - 616 Nimes Road

Located at the pinnacle of a long private gated driveway, on a rare street-to-street lot .


FEATURED PROPERTY: The Best of Trousdale

1088 Hillcrest Road | Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Represented by Drew Fenton
(310) 858-5474


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The Celebrity Realtors of Hilton & Hyland

Hilton & Hyland is a top-notch real estate company, and as such they only partner with the best in the business. Not only because they are an esteemed firm, but because Hilton & Hyland works with important clients who are looking for the finest luxury homes in Los Angeles. The city has been made famous through Hollywood and the celebrities who live and thrive in the luxurious Los Angeles neighborhoods. Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Holmby Hills make up some of the most prestigious, superior and sought after luxury neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Why do celebrities love Beverly Hills real estate? Celebrities, heirs and heiresses and other respected individuals love Beverly Hills real estate because it is private, convenient, and luxurious and offers culture. Selling luxury real estate takes more than just knowing the rules and theories of real estate and being able to navigate the process of negotiation. Selling luxury real estate takes finesse, knowledge, experience, charm, wit, attitude, persistence, determination and a character that not many individuals possess.


Top 5 Reasons Why Celebrities Love Beverly Hills Real Estate

Celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg and many others have one thing in common: they love Beverly Hills real estate. But, why do so many celebrities, athletes and musicians love buying and selling real estate in this luxurious Los Angeles community? Having assisted countless celebrities with the purchase and sale of their Beverly Hills luxury real estate, at Hilton & Hyland, we think we have a few ideas about what draws them to the community.


How to Sell Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles

Not all buyers are in the market to purchase The Legendary Beverly House or a 50,000 square-foot estate with panoramic views of the beaches, West Side, the Hollywood Hills, downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains. In fact, most aren’t. According to the National Association of Realtors®, only 9 percent of first-time and repeat homebuyers purchase homes priced at more than $500,000; a percentage that decreases further as price increases.

With such a small demographic to market to, how do you sell luxury real estate in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles


Top 10 Things About Beverly Hills Real Estate

Synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and some of the finest real estate in the world, Beverly Hills real estate continues to draw admirers and new residents year after year. So, what’s all the fuss about? The real estate professionals at Hilton & Hyland live, work and play within the communities they service, and are delighted to share the many things about Beverly Hills real estate that keep the world’s most affluent and high profile homebuyers coming back for more.

Beverly Hills Real Estate


What Makes a Great Real Estate Agency?

Choosing a qualified and experienced real estate agency can mean all the difference in your real estate experience and the success of your transaction. While the specific details of what you’ll be looking for are different whether buying or selling, there are a few core values that make up a great real estate agency.

What Makes a Great Real Estate Agency?

How the Community of Bel Air Began


In 1922 when Alphonzo Bell decided to sell parcels for “gentlemen estates” in Bel Air, he predicted that this new community would be “the crowning achievement of suburban development. (more…)

History of Beverly Hills Real Estate

History of Beverly Hills Real Estate

In 1906, a large advertisement was placed in morning newspapers for a new community named Beverly Hills. A lot of people were skeptical of the idea because it did not make sense to them to live so far from the city. There was a long history of unsuccessful real estate in the early 20th century in Southern California. There were always big promises, but nothing ever followed through. (more…)

Lloyd Wright’s Samuel 1928 Novarro House


Lloyd Wright’s Samuel 1928 Novarro House is Los Angeles Landmark No.130. Known as one of the most significant Architectural estates in Los Angeles, the Novorro house is a beacon for enthusiasts who appreciate art, architecture and history. (more…)

Inside the Famous Beverly House


The former residence of William Randolph Hearst, America’s greatest newspaper magnate, legendary Beverly House is sited on approximately 3.7 flat acres atop a private knoll, just three blocks from Sunset Boulevard. Ornate entry gates with a gate house open to gorgeous grounds with original landscaping by Paul Thiene. (more…)

Where are the Most Expensive Homes in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is abounding with multi-million dollar homes that cover every category of real estate, from exclusive high-rise condos to breathtaking beachfront sanctuaries to lavish one-of-a-kind estates.

So where are the priciest of them all? As the leading team of experts in luxury real estate, Hilton & Hyland has put together the most current list of where the most expensive homes are located today.

Rocky Oaks


How to Sell Luxury Real Estate

The process of selling luxury real estate is unequivocally in a class of its own.  Hilton & Hyland is home to a team of luxury real estate experts who are happy to share some insight into how they manage to sell some of the most luxurious homes in the world.

Luxury Real Estate


Top Destinations for International Real Estate

Purchasing international real estate is, without question, a hot prospect for investors.  And today, there are an increasing number of global destinations that offer the chance to invest in lifestyles and properties that are beyond compare. But which cities are among the most lavish, the most breathtaking, and the most exclusive?

The firm of Hilton & Hyland represents numerous international clients with portfolios that cover multiple countries, and has determined that the following locations are a must to consider.

International Island


Top Cities in America for Luxury Real Estate

There is no shortage of “Top Lists’ for the best cities in the US, but if you are seeking to invest in luxury real estate, there are truly only a handful of places that offer the ideal combination of location, lifestyle, and caliber of properties.  As one of the most respected firms serving luxury markets across the country, Hilton & Hyland is compiling its own list of top American cities from its experience with countless high-end clients.

Beverly Hills, CA

10 Best Things About Los Angeles Real Estate

There are countless reasons why high-end Los Angeles real estate is an attractive investment.  But how do you sum up all of the qualities that make it so special? The professionals at Hilton & Hyland have worked with countless clients over the years, and know exactly why this city leaves a lasting impression with home buyers, sellers and investors.

Los Angeles


Top 10 Architects of Beverly Hills Real Estate

Beverly Hills

Legendary architectural properties play an integral role in the history of Beverly Hills. Learn more about these historic projects and the creative minds that were responsible for them with our hand-picked list of the top 10 architects of Beverly Hills real estate.

Beverly Hills Architects & Legendary Properties

Beverly Hills is no stranger to groundbreaking, high-end architecture. Drive around, and you will pass many eye-catching buildings – both residential and commercial – that have been designed by some of the most distinguished architects in the world. Here are a few that have left an indelible mark on this city’s history.

New Bel Air Landmark – Highest Home Sale in Bel Air in 2012

755 Sarbonne, Bel-Air – Sold
Asking price $ 29,995,000

Christina Aguilera – Beverly Hills Home


Highest Home Sale in Beverly Hills real estate in 2012

Beverly Park, Beverly Hills – Sold
Asking price $ 25 Million


Mark Wahlberg – Beverly Hills Mansion


Largest Sale in Los Angeles Real Estate – 2011

Spelling Manor
Location: Los Angeles , California

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