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Michael LaMontagnaJuly 29, 2020

Valuing quality over quantity, Michael LaMontagna prioritizes personalized experiences and is generous with his time and effort. He fully aligns himself with clients and approaches each transaction as a joint goal, remaining committed from the very first interaction to the close of escrow and beyond.

Michael believes preparation is the primary key to success. He offers comprehensive staging services because he knows presentation is a crucial part of an effective marketing strategy and can make or break a sale. His talented team of landscapers, painters, designers, stagers and photographers come together to showcase each property’s most attractive selling points.

Having lived and worked in multiple LA neighborhoods, Michael has firsthand experience with local market trends. He remains abreast of regional sales histories, development pipelines and overall area projections so he can best inform and guide his clients.

As a successful college baseball player, Michael learned early on the importance of discipline, determination and teamwork which he leverages every day to the benefit of his clients and colleagues. When he isn’t busy staging or meeting with clients, you might spot Michael cruising down the freeway on his motorcycle or enjoying the outdoors with his wife, Alexis, and their three children.

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