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In-House Lender for Hilton & Hyland, Francesco Foggia, Talks Big Picture Strategy, Less Myopic Lens

Asked what one of the most misunderstood facets of applying for a mortgage is, in-house lender for Hilton & Hyland Francesco Foggia pauses before reflecting: “People tend to want to write off every possible expense when they are working as high net-worth independent contractors and sole proprietors– looking at it from a myopic standpoint, rather than seeing the long-term strategy of acquiring a low interest mortgage to maximize

“Especially with our clientele, who likely have a decent amount of write-offs and a substantial income either way, it’s especially important that they see the whole picture,” Foggia added. “Bottom line: The more they write off, the less qualifying income to qualify for their desired loan amount.” Speaking with a lender like Foggia prior to filing annual tax returns, and keeping a keen eye on the mortgages you may be requesting, the financial decisions you may be making, and the overall tenets of your financial state for the following calendar year is vital to maximizing long-term success in the real estate market – both financially and pragmatically. To speak with Francesco to learn more, click here.