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Jesse Lally Discusses 1520 Gilcrest Drive and his Modern Approach to Real Estate

One of the greatest cultural shifts that the turn of the millennium has brought to citizens around the world is information. At no point in human history has such a vast amount of information been as easily available to the masses.

This newfound wealth of accessible information has affected every single industry, real estate included. No one knows this better than Jesse Lally, a leading agent at Hilton & Hyland.

“There’s no arguing that the buyer, whether it’s a 60-year-old French billionaire or a 30-year-old tech billionaire, has been growing smarter, more prepared, more creative and more involved,” says Lally. “They are so incredibly informed through online real estate marketplaces like Zillow, and through social media sites like Instagram; they’ve studied what’s hot, what materials are being used and they immediately can sense an outstanding property.”

For some older agents, adjusting to this curve has proven to be difficult. But as Lally notes, the best agents are happy to adjust to this influx of informed buyers.

“It’s an exciting time to be a real estate agent because you now have the opportunity to discuss in detail and with passion what went into the design and build of a house, the quality of materials, and how it compares to homes throughout the country,” an excited Lally professes. “The used car salesman tactic doesn’t work on this new luxury buyer, they want to be informed and assured that they are buying premium quality materials and buying at fair market value.  The agent has to be highly qualified, extremely intelligent and passionate.”

This approach was critical to his newest listing on Gilcrest Drive, a project he’s working on with Branden Williams, also of Hilton & Hyland.

“At 1520 Gilcrest, we sought to deliver a complete product with only the highest end finishes, materials, and design (something I noticed New York City transitioning to after meeting with developers during a recent visit). Getting away from that spec builder mentality of building cheaply for profit assuming a wealthy buyer will come in and make it their own. We may have reduced our upside by spending the extra money, but in doing so we’ve created a brand that will be unquestionable in the future projects and when the right buyer comes in and emotionally connects with your design idea and feels the warmth of the materials, they will understand immediately and without question.“

Lally’s hands-on approach to this home is something that he takes extreme pride in. He has been heavily involved with this project since its inception, his passion is evident when he begins chronicling how the team realized its dream property.

“When we played around with the design of the property we used what was in front of us, the James Woods designed Craftsman, and immediately thought of the James Perse Malibu store mixed with the Jenni Kayne Architectural Digest cover home in Beverly Hills. This project was always intended to be thought of as ‘outside the box’. A play on the modern white sheet rock box that everyone has done and re-done. We were always a little rogue in our design and ahead of the time with examples like the concrete board form that is now becoming popular in new designs; we were leading the way 3 1/2 years ago.”

There is no question that this modern new construction home will become one of the most sought-after in the Los Angeles area. Having already attracted the attention of The Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal and many others, Jesse Lally and Branden Williams have listed a contemporary, but timeless, Los Angeles gem.

To contact Jesse and enquire 1520 Gilcrest Drive, click here.

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