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Secured EscrowUnmatched reliability when it comes to the home buying process

Sam Sergio Loyola

Certified Escrow Officer
Secured Escrow Inc.
270 N Cañon Drive Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Secured Escrow

Secured Escrow is one of the nation’s most reliable, efficient and safe escrow options available. Secured Escrow is a full service, licensed, independently owned escrow company with an unmatched, in-depth knowledge and expertise on all things escrow.

Secured Escrow has the proven escrow knowledge to ensure that your home purchase goes as quickly, smoothly, and fairly as possible. Secured Escrow professionals help break down the process so there is no confusion over numbers and dates, and ensure that your home purchase is an easy-to-understand process, in which you are provided with the highest level of customer service.

Sam Sergio Loyola is the preeminent Certified Escrow Officer in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Having worked in escrow since 1986, he is the personification of a top escrow agent, ensuring his clients and their businesses are always fully satisfied. With almost three decades of experience, his proven ability to handle even the most unique situations whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service is something he prides himself on. Mr. Loyola is an active member of the California Escrow Association and a Notary Public for the State of California.

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