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Billy Jack Carter

Executive Vice President &
General Manager


Billy Jack Carter

Your Journey/Your Guide

On any exploration, the best guide is one that knows the territory, who earns your confidence, and who also respects where you want to go. That’s me — I know all the nooks and crannies, ins and outs, ups and downs, turn-by-turn. From the grand plan of reaching your next goal to the nitty-gritty of the technical details, I handle it all, leaving you free to enjoy the journey through the exhilarating terrain that is real estate in Los Angeles.

You’ll Notice the Difference

As soon as I began my real estate career, I knew there was a better way to practice it. I’ve relished dusting off expected ways of doing business and “even better” tossing them out altogether for a more caring, exciting model. How? Simple. It all starts with this: when you walk into the room, I’ll notice. You will be welcomed without losing a second of keep-your-eye-on-the-prize time. How do I work? Let’s just say I am personally bothered by pushy salespeople, so I take a softer approach. I am comfortable. I will take the pressure off a situation that might otherwise be considered stressful and difficult to resolve. I listen hard and think differently and believe in plenty of options. A good broker covers the bases. My goal is to make every moment pleasurable as the end goal itself.

The Important Things

The really great things in life, never go out of style. Honesty. Dedication. Follow through. Knowing the territory. Doing the homework. Attention to the smallest details, anticipating, striving for perfection — These are the classics. My job is to make sure the only surprises are good surprises. I know that the people are what’s important in a real estate transaction, not the transaction itself. I see it all too often in today’s society where people are subordinate to the deal. Wrong. I’m here to work for you. I want you to achieve your dreams, your goals. That’s a passion of mine, a passion to help and to encourage.

My Mission

To lift the practice of real estate to a higher ground. To an art, meaning that all who walk through my door should feel cared for, enlightened, served, renewed, lifted a little. You’ll find me pledged body and soul to knowing who you are and to what you want before you give it voice. I listen. And beyond listening, I anticipate. There’s a good chance I will have it even before you ask. It’s not magic, it’s a commitment I have to pay attention to details. It’s how I do business and how I live life.

Ed Leyson

Director of Marketing


Ed Leyson

Ed Leyson brings over 13 years of experience in art direction and global marketing to Hilton & Hyland. Moving to the United States from the Philippines as a teen gave Ed a global mindset from a young age. His consistent talent as an art director and keen eye for cutting-edge design trends has allowed Hilton & Hyland to not only surpass but redefine the standards by which other real estate firms and their marketing departments are judged in the highly selective Los Angeles community in notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Architectural Digest, WIRED, GQ, Robb Report, Haute Living and many more.

As Marketing Director of Hilton & Hyland, Ed spearheads advertising campaigns for some of the most expensive properties in the nation and multiple new developments in the city of Los Angeles, not only reinforcing the company’s position in Los Angeles, but throughout the world. Setting trends, breaking records, and increasing company revenue, Ed has become the engine of the top-producing office in Los Angeles. What would seem demanding to most is a cake walk for Ed as he continues to effortlessly push the envelope with award-winning design skills, and an unmatched knowledge of the luxury marketplace, ultimately setting the standard for which premiere real estate marketing is held to.

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