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A Holiday Guide To Great Guest Spaces With Kimberly Stewart

The art of creating the perfect guest space for the holidays takes careful planning and requires a high-touch approach. Between color coordination, tonal symmetry, and the picture-perfect setting, let us remove the guesswork and help infuse your guest retreat with thoughtful touches that turn a holiday stay into an unforgettable experience.

Designing with Heart

Think of your guest space as a canvas, where comfort meets style. “The perfect guest experience acts like an extension of your home and has everything easily accessible for your guests – making them feel at home and comfortable,” said Kimberly Stewart, Founder and CEO of The Realm, a full-service luxury home and office organization company that creates aesthetically appealing custom environments in places that matter most. Choose furnishings that make your guests feel embraced and at ease. Especially during the holidays, blend cozy textures with a touch of sophistication, creating a space that’s as inviting as it is elegant.

Smart Comforts, Simple Joys

Embrace the future of hospitality with smart home tech that’s intuitive and impressive. New innovations let your guests customize their environment effortlessly, seamlessly integrating technology to add a touch of magic to their stay. “Charging stations and easy-access Wi-Fi are simple touches that make the guest experience smooth and seamless,” said Stewart. Touchless blinds and auto-fogging windows can turn your guests’ winter stay into a weekend at a modern resort.

Spotless Serenity

Keep things clean during the holidays. With packages and presents lining the hallways, maintaining the cleanliness of your home can easily slip through the cracks. Fresh linens, tidy spaces, and a home that sparkles create an environment that radiates comfort and care. “Simple upgrades include investing in nice linens and towels to ensure your guests feel pampered – completely elevates the experience,” said Stewart. “A minimalist space without too many personal belongings makes the space more inviting.” It’s the little things that make a big difference. “We love to add Matouk towels as well as Frette sheets, robes, and slippers,” said Stewart. Elevate the holiday experience with luxurious amenities that add a special touch, turning a typical stay into a cherished memory. 

Feast for the Senses

Your guest space should appeal to the senses. “Neutral, quality products, slippers, robes, and a signature scent always create a really nice and inviting ambiance,” said Stewart. “We love all the Diptyque scents, especially Baies,” she added, as it is a gender-neutral and clean fragrance, perfect for any time of year. Combining the aromas with a peaceful color palette draws in the most important senses. “Keeping your guest house in neutral tones makes it feel modern, airy, and inviting for all guests,” said Stewart.

Privacy, Always

Where your guests stay inside of your home should be a retreat where privacy and security are paramount. Using lush landscaping for added seclusion, top-notch security systems, and entrances designed for discretion will make your guests feel safer in your home. While presents are valuable, your loved ones are priceless. Creating a space this holiday season where your guests feel comfortable to make themselves at home is a quality etched into the most luxurious addresses.  

Beverly Hills’ luxury is demanding and discerning, which makes your guest space more than a space—it’s an extension of the lifestyle you cherish. By infusing it with a personal touch, thoughtful details, a holiday spirit, and a commitment to comfort and privacy, you’re not just hosting guests but creating an experience that lingers. Take the guesswork out of your guest space, and let it be a haven that mirrors the warmth and luxury of Beverly Hills living—your guests’ home away from home.

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