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Contemporary Craft

“As California Goes, so Goes the Nation,” says the adage, originally applied to the state’s progressive political positions – but the phrase could just as easily shift to style, where the state, especially along its prosperous coastline, where some of the best architects, interior and exterior designers, furniture-makers, and other home suppliers have almost free rein to practice their craft. From hilltop plots of land with jetliner views to cove-adjacent hideaways near the rocky shoreline, the land itself in Los Angeles begs to be dotted by landmark homes. The best of these residences, like 1027 Cove Way, effortlessly exude on-trend design with evergreen craftsmanship and create a blueprint for home design across the country and world.

Interior Design by Sophia Goinuea Design : @sophiegoineaudesign

Staging: @vesta

Photography: @virtuallyherestudios

Art: @creativeartpartners

Cove Way: Recently Sold by Lisa Optican of Hilton & Hyland who Represented the Listing.

Story courtesy of LA Times

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