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Dear Valentine – Feel the Love

Make your stay-at-home Valentines Day memorable, share a virtual hug, rise-up and treat a partner, friend or yourself to something a locally owned business has to offer. Show them your support. After all, love thy neighbor(hood) . . .

Here’s a list of ideas to make your day special, and the beautiful homes that inspired us.

Harvey’s Cafe & The Jyan Isaac Pop-Up Bread Store  –  Breakfast to go . . .

Toby and Stacy Johnson recently opened Harvey’s Cafe, the edible arm to their iconic Easton Gym that resides on the corner of Beverly Blvd and N Laurel Ave. Easton, the oldest gym in Hollywood has been covid-shuttered since March, so the community spirited couple opened Harvey’s, honoring ‘Harvey Easton’ in full. So grab a coffee or a heart ‘beet’ juice, to enjoy at home. On certain days you can grab an artisan loaf by bread prodigy Jyan Isaac, Harvey’s currently hosts their pop-up store. Pair it with some cheese and wine for later . .  .

Forest Knoll | Sunset Strip | Offered at $28,500,000
Represented by Tomer Fridman | View Listing

Capsule Perfumerie  –  Smell the Roses!

Capsule Parfumerie has been honoring the art of handmade perfume since 2012. Founder Linda Sivrican boasts two decades of fragrance experience and her Los Angeles-based fragrance house draws from botanical, desert and coastal cues to offer an evolving array of singular scents and brand offerings. In 2016, Linda opened the company’s first retail store in West Hollywood. There, she showcases her handcrafted perfumes alongside an array of independent brands, and hosts workshops for all who feel drawn to the olfactory-induced practice of bespoke perfume. Visit Linda to create the perfect scent for your home.

948 N Orlando Ave | West Hollywood | Offered at $17,995,000
Represented by Brett Lawyer | View Listing

The Record Parlour  –  Serenade your Love

The voice-touched among us may be able to serenade our loved ones, but for those that can’t hit that high note simply stop by The Record Parlour and grab that throw-back track that sets the mood. Browse their 15,000+ catalog or amp up the stakes, literally, and rent one of their vintage JukeBoxes for the day. Established by Chris Honetschlaeger in 2013 in the heart of Hollywood.

6161 Mulholland Hwy | Hollywood Hills | New Price $6,495,000
Represented by Jonathan Nash and Stephen Resnick | View Listing

Beverly Hills Cheese Store  –  Cheese and Wine all Day

Since its inception, owner Norbert Wabnig has built a store that combines gourmet food with the simplicity of an old world shop.Their dedicated team of ‘Turophiles’ have been serving Angeleno’s since 1967. This beloved family owned store is currently operating on a pre-order system, so call in your C’est Fromage gift basket and California made Burrata before 11am for same day pick-up. Pair it with a beautiful bottle of Bel-Air vinified Moraga Vineyard cabernet blend and then grab your Jyan Isaac loaf and head to the garden . . .

545 S Mapleton Dr | Holmby Hills | $51,500,000
Represented by Linda May | View Listing

The Beverly Hills Car Club  –  Fast times

Alex Manos is founder of the Beverly Hills Car Club, one of the world’s leading classic car dealerships specializing in European and select American vehicles. So if Chocolates don’t cut it, and a Sunset Strip twilight cruise in a drop down 1962 Jaguar XKE Flat Floor Roadster is more your thing then stop by . . . this cherry-red two-seat trophy and the British racing green 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII Manos currently has for sale would make a perfect side-by-side backdrop for any Trousdale driveway.

1790 Carla Rdg | Trousdale | $16,999,999
Represented by Jeff Hyland and Tomer Fridman | View Listing

Gwen  –  ‘Meat’ your future Love

Gwen is a decade-long dream for Curtis and Luke Stone, raised in a Farm-to-table environment the brotherly power-house has numerous establishments throughout LA, but it is the ‘Gwen’ that has weathered the storm and triumphantly reigns with it’s highly curated Butchers Store and Marketplace. The minute City shutdowns rolled out they adapted their beautiful Deco inspired space to a neighborhood Mercantile thus allowing their Farmer’s Market supply chain to thrive. Providing fine-grade meats and produce far beyond their Hollywood location Gwen truly has become the purveyor of the perfect pantry staple.

12012 Crest Ct | Beverly Hills | $11,995,000
Represented by Drew Fenton and Justin Huchel | View Listing

Story curated and written by Judith Parker

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