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Expert Advice and Insights Unveiled: 5 Buyer & Seller Questions

Questions are the ultimate guide to knowledge. When it comes to real estate and making the best choices for yourself and your home, asking the right questions to the right people is especially important. Here are answers to some of the most regularly asked questions our Estate Agents and Directors receive.

29035 Cliffside Drive. Represented by David Kramer, Chris Evangelatos, and Luke Cohen. Photo Credit: Anthony Barcelo.

Top Questions from Sellers

Q: Do you already have a buyer for my home?

“The chances are low that any agent already has a buyer for your specific property,” said Paul Salazar, Estates Director at Hilton & Hyland. “Although my team is often approached by buyers wanting to purchase an off-market property, we are rarely tasked with the request to buy a specific property not currently on the market.” Though the concept is not completely out of the ordinary, “I work on marketing the property to the masses to bring multiple buyers, not just ‘The Buyer,’” said Salazar.

Q: What do I need to do before I sell my home?

When ready to sell, the state of the home will not always be the same. “From complete tear downs to move-in ready, understanding what the buyer is looking for helps with preparing the home for a listing,” said Susan Pekich, Estates Director at Hilton & Hyland. “People already know if a fixer is a fixer, so there isn’t an urgent need to go fixing issues with the house that aren’t visible to those touring.” While non-visible fixes may be hard to catch during showings and open houses, visible eye sores can impact a buyer exploring the home. “Fix the lawn, paint, and anything you can clearly see,” said Pekich. “The buyer usually knows what they are getting into and will only pledge such large financial commitments to adventures they are ready to endure.”

8056 Mulholland Drive. Represented by Paul Salazar. Photo Credit: Luxury Level.

Top Questions from Buyers

Q: How do we start the home-buying process?

“Buying a home requires commitment, patience, and proof of funds,” said Pekich. “People are often surprised when homes thought to be out of budget are not just affordable, but reasonable.” To start, “I’d recommend speaking to a mortgage professional to see what your finances look like,” said Pekich. The process of buying a home may seem complicated, but taking the first step can get you into doors you weren’t expecting to get into. “Before we get into my car, we make sure you are pre-approved and are aware of what is within your financial possibilities,” said Darlene Kelly, Estates Director at Hilton & Hyland.

Q: Can I benefit from going directly to a listing agent instead of working with a buying agent?

“Home buying and selling is an incredibly intricate process,” said Salazar. “If you are a savvy buyer who understands the complex nature of real estate, you may be able to have success, but unless you know all the ins and outs, utilizing an agent to assist could prove beneficial.” Estate representatives at Hilton & Hyland consistently put their client’s interests at the forefront of any deal or discussion. “If you have someone who can represent your interests fully and knows the business all-around, you have a substantial chance at getting a better deal,” said Salazar.

Q: What happens after closing?

When it comes time to close on the dream home you found, you may still have a lot of questions, which is why “the relationship definitely does not end at closing,” said Kelly. “I go above and beyond for my clients, extending well past the closing date.” Homeownership comes with a mountain of responsibilities, and “you deserve to enjoy the home you just purchased, so I make sure you are taken care of while you prep to buy your second, maybe third home,” said Kelly. While some agents send closing gifts, which are typically incredibly thoughtful, “after finalizing the sale and sending a warm dinner on the first night in the new place, I continue to be a resource in helping create your vision for your dream home,” said Kelly.

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, it is important to ask questions to the professionals who can give you guidance and assist with the long and complicated process. While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, finding the right agent to make the buying and selling process simple can create a world of difference.


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