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Malibu’s Finest Selection of Beachside Communities

As the sun descends into the Pacific, casting hues of orange and pink across the canvas of Malibu’s beach communities, it’s here, where the ocean meets the shore, that three distinct enclaves make their mark. Carbon Beach, Malibu Colony, and Point Dume are a trilogy of coastal splendor and a hub for luxury influence across the globe.

Carbon Beach

22446 Pacific Coast Highway. Stuart Vetterick Represented Buyer.

Carbon Beach dubbed the “Billionaire’s Beach,” stretches along the shoreline, adorned with extravagant beachfront estates. The air is crisp and rich with the mingling scents of saltwater and affluence. Properties on Carbon Beach have sold for upwards of $50 million with current active listings topping out at $25 million. If you are interested in homes on “Billionaire’s Beach,” you might have to be one. “Just look at the people who live there,” said Stuart Vetterick, Broker Associate at Hilton & Hyland. “Carbon Beachfront homes are the most coveted in the world.” Beyond the grandeur of these residences, the beach itself is a sanctuary of luxury. Pristine sandy shores invite residents and visitors to indulge in beach access, where the soft granules meet the soles of those seeking a tranquil escape.

Carbon Beach is a combination of not just world-class residences but of architecture and experience that fuse elegance with the raw beauty of the ocean.

Malibu Colony

23626 Malibu Colony Road #53. Represented by Chad Rogers.

A short way up the Pacific Coast Highway lies the historic Malibu Colony, a charming enclave where history mingles with artistic flair. The narrow streets, adorned with bursts of colorful blooms, guide onlookers to a time when beach cottages and modern estates coexist in harmony. Homes have sold over $20 million and are regularly leased out for more than $100,000/month.

Within the Colony, the beachfront becomes a living canvas of creativity. Quirky beach cottages tell stories of artistic inspiration, each step unveiling a new chapter in Malibu’s cultural legacy. Residents and potential buyers enjoy a nearly perfect beach, where the scent of salty air mingles with the aroma of beachfront barbecues. “While there’s no such thing as a private beach in southern California, the Colony is as close to it,” said Chad Rogers, Estates Director at Hilton & Hyland. As the sun sets, the famous Malibu Colony addresses echo tales of beachside living, where every property carries a unique narrative eloquently woven into the vibrant community. Malibu Colony seamlessly blends a rich history with the contemporary allure of its beachfront residences to create the ultimate enclave.

Point Dume

29035 Cliffside Drive. Represented by David Kramer, Chris Evangelatos, and Luke Cohen. Photo Credit: Anthony Barcelo.

Further along the coast, Point Dume emerges as a rugged headland, an ode to nature’s unbridled beauty. The air carries a different cadence here—a symphony of crashing waves and the rustling leaves of native flora whisper throughout the community. “With regards to coastal communities, Point Dume has the perfect balance of exclusivity and functionality,” said Luke Cohen, Estate Agent at Hilton & Hyland. Homes here and the neighboring Paradise Cove community have broken California sales records.

Point Dume State Beach, an extension of this natural marvel, invites exploration. Families traverse tide pools, discovering the vibrant marine life hidden within the rocky crevices. Surfers paddle out, chasing the perfect wave beneath the towering cliffs. Point Dume’s beach becomes a canvas of nature’s artwork, where residents and potential buyers find themselves immersed in the untamed beauty of the coast. The listings in Point Dume seamlessly integrate into this haven, offering not just homes but a gateway to a lifestyle intertwined with the simplicity of beachside living—a network of trails leading to scenic overlooks, secret coves, and the timeless allure of the Pacific.

As the waves will long continue their rhythmic dance, Malibu’s beach communities will remain a testament to the enduring allure of a life where each sunset brings the promise of a new beginning—a fusion of natural beauty, creativity, and the opulence that defines coastal living.

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