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Half-Naked Women May Sell This $100 Million Beverly Hills House

A real estate developer has taken the term real estate porn literally, releasing a sexed-up video starring a slew of nearly naked women slathered in gold paint in hopes of selling a newly listed $100 million Beverly Hills estate.

In order to bring some attention to the spec home known as Opus, Hollywood producer-turned-developer Niles Niami and Hilton & Hyland listing agent Drew Fenton have unleashed two videos — one green band and one red band — that promote the 20,500-square-foot mansion’s sprawling features as a crew of “Goldfinger”-esque girls writhe about in unmitigated ecstasy on the property.

The red band version features a live-action body painting, a stimulating virtual reality experience, an abundance of strategically placed gold pasties, gold fetish wear, a masked wine cellar attendant, gold luxury vehicles, and a lot of slow motion grinding.

The ending arrives when a bottle of gold champagne explodes in a bubbly fountain of liquid.

The easily distracted may miss: the expansive view, the modern architecture, the seven bedrooms, the eleven bathrooms, the two swimming pools, and the twenty-foot glass waterfall. According to a press release, the humble abode is located on “Billionaire’s Row,” which is billed as “the most sought after street in the city.”

As for the video, it’s meant to evoke the life and times of “a modern day Cleopatra, complete with golden ladies in waiting.”

But wait, there’s more:

“The 10 car museum comes with a drop dead gold Lamborghini Aventador roadster and a gold Rolls-Royce Dawn. A champagne vault designated exclusively to accommodate 170 bottles of Cristal champagne and a glass dining room showing off every one of its 944 bottles to guests. The future owners will have stylists and pamperers come to them in their wellness center complete with a cold plunge/hot plunge, steam/massage room and full service beauty salon with hair cutting facilities.”

A spokesperson for the property told The Real Deal of the racy trailer, “We were going for a David Lynch, Twin Peaks vibe. […] But you can interpret it how you want to.”

In the press release, Niami shares: “I kept telling the director ‘Go darker… go sexier….’ and was thrilled to see the results — a woman who is transformed and empowered by the beauty of Opus.”


So, will the sexed-up sales tactic work? Last year, Fenton was one of the players involved in the sale of the iconic Playboy Mansion, which sold for $100 million.

If you’ve got an extra $100 million lying around, you can watch the green band trailer below, or click here to witness the thong-happy spectacle that’s the red band version.

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