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Hilton & Hyland Welcomes Collen Henderson and Tenny Crawford

On the heels of a banner year, with growth expected in the current year to meet and outpace 2014’s incredible trajectory, Hilton & Hyland is pleased to welcome Tenny Crawford and Collen Henderson, who recently joined the brokerage. Crawford and Henderson are both leading experts in Los Angeles luxury real estate, and pride themselves on their exceptional attention to detail, relentless work ethic, and profound knowledge of the intricacies of real estate, which truly set them both apart.

Tenny Crawford graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with majors in finance, economics and international business.  Her relentless work ethic and aptitude in all facets of negotiation skills led to the closing of $200 million in sales in the Americas, Europe and Asia at her prior job as the youngest Sr. Director of Business Development for a Fortune 500 company.

Originally from Frankfurt, Germany, Tenny was raised in various parts of Europe – from Germany to Austria to Spain to Switzerland. She eventually landed in North Carolina, honing her Southern hospitality and charm, before moving to New York City and ultimately Los Angeles. Tenny’s tenacity is underscored by her black belt – the highest achievement possible – in KAIZEN process improvements.  Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. Kaizen was originally introduced to the West by Masaaki Imai in his 1986 book “Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success.”  Today, Kaizen is recognized worldwide as an important pillar of an organization’s long-term competitive strategy.

Tenny prides herself on her ability to strategically sift the marketplace for relevant and current information, her consistent willingness to seek out trends, and assess property with her clients’ desires remaining of utmost importance. Her approachable demeanor and candid, honest personality, coupled with her tenacity and ambitious style make her a strong candidate in all tenets of the real estate process – representing both buyers and sellers.

Collen Henderson was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, to parents in the mortgage lending business, and his interest in real estate stems from a very young age.

He has been a real estate agent for the past five years and has continuously closed over seven million dollars a year in real estate, with consistent upward growth in year-over-year sales.  He has teamed with Tenny Crawford for the past eighteen months, and the partnership has seen strong synergy between the duo.

Currently, Collen is renovating his first home with his partner in Nichols Canyon, and has immersed himself in the process, tethering his love for all facets of design and architecture with his passion for real estate.

Collen has built a solid reputation and amassed incomparable knowledge of the prime Los Angeles real estate market. He is consulted by many high-profile Angelenos in both the purchase and sale of their homes, and he boasts a long list of repeat clientele.

Collen is the Founder of Pride Real Estate Professional Association (PREPA), which now has chapters in Long Beach and Los Angeles. He is the current Los Angeles Chapter President. He prides himself on the utmost discretion for the most discerning buyers, and has an extensive client list within the entertainment industry.

Collen is taking steps towards growing PREPA throughout the nation, but first is working hard to strengthen the organization on the west coast. He feels that there is a strong need for a LGBTQ focused real estate non-profit.  PREPA is a diverse group of individuals who share common values in the push for equality. Through PREPA the organization is able to educate all groups of individuals on unfamiliar topics that relate to us all. Collen feels there is growth in numbers and is committed to bringing the organization nationwide.

Collen is a current Member of Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors, Pride Real Estate Professionals Association and the California Association of Realtors.

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