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Mia Trudeau Presents Matana Development, An Opportunity Unlike Any Other

To find the most beautiful lands on the earth one in a life time Opportunity, you’re going to have to search far and wide. Such was the case with Captain Bligh of His Majesty’s ship “Providence”, who came across Koro Island in the midst of a historical 1789 journey. Although first discovered over two centuries ago, the breathtaking beauty of Koro Island remains timeless. Matana Plantation, which consists of 806 acres of this incredible land, is available as a rare fee-simple purchase.

The property was originally used as a coconut plantation, and the land became a great supplier of “copra”, which is the dried kernel of a coconut, usually boiled in order to extract coconut oil. The abundance of these materials has led Koro Island to become completely energy independent, with copra bio-fuel supplying all of the island’s energy.

Surrounded by a live coral reef extended from the Great Barrier Reef, the indescribable seascape makes an amazing view from the four miles of pristine, untouched white-sand beaches. Located on the Northwestern side of the island, rainfall is never a constant problem.  The climate and geographic benefits also include the ability to swim at high and low tides, incredible diving sites, and ease of access. Helping ensure that this beauty remains untouched is an agreement from the Fijian government that no roads shall be located along the beachfront.

The island houses an airport that is just 30 minutes away from Suva (Fiji’s capital), while the plantation itself is accessible by seaplane. A deep water harbor provides safe anchorage in any type of weather, with multiple locations for docks and piers. The relative flatness of the property’s many acres make an airstrip a natural development option.

In addition to the jaw-dropping ocean views that make each sunset an awe-inspiring event, the plantation’s acreage boasts some of the most beautiful natural water features including falls, creeks and running streams.

With a population of just 4,500, Koro Island represents one of the most versatile opportunities for development on the globe. With a history rooted in agriculture, but land that can be repurposed for both residential and commercial housing, your future is limitless at Matana Plantation.

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