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Top Destinations for International Real Estate

Purchasing international real estate is, without question, a hot prospect for investors.  And today, there are an increasing number of global destinations that offer the chance to invest in lifestyles and properties that are beyond compare. But which cities are among the most lavish, the most breathtaking, and the most exclusive?

The firm of Hilton & Hyland represents numerous international clients with portfolios that cover multiple countries, and has determined that the following locations are a must to consider.

Where to Find the Best International Real Estate

Hong Kong, PRC

Asia has, for years, been a popular destination for real estate investors, but few cities rival Hong Kong when it comes to sheer endurance and appreciation of value. With its countless new and existing luxury properties, this city is hitting a level of maturity that – to many buyers – is more attractive than newly emerging markets, and the local lifestyle and amenities are truly beyond compare.

London, England

With the 2012 Olympics now completed, London is poised to ride the wave of renewed interest and development for some time, and the real estate market is also ripe for investment. As a major center for commerce and culture, the city offers an excellent quality of life, and properties – from renovated historic townhomes and estates to brand new condo developments – are expected to steadily increase in value.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

When the 2016 Olympic Games begins, Rio is expected to receive all the attention, but Sao Paolo may turn out to be be the more advantageous place to invest.  It is the largest city in Brazil, and will be reaping the benefits of the economic development that the country will be seeing over the next four years and beyond. Here, new luxury condos and high rises will be joining the already robust market of existing homes and apartment buildings.

Republic of Singapore

Much like Tokyo, Japan had been decades ago, this growing Southeast Asian destination is rapidly becoming one of the most reliable places to in which to invest. As the fourth largest trade center in the world, Singapore’s local economy and real estate market are on an impressive upswing, and the city continues to attract unparalleled interest from foreign investors.

Republic of Fiji

Finally, there is always room for a tropical paradise in one’s portfolio.  Fiji in particular is fantastic, with its exceptional weather, unspoiled surroundings and remarkable selection of multi-acre private compounds. But why just get a home when you can buy your own Private Island?

Dubai, UAE

The desert oasis of Dubai reaches for the stars, literally, with developments such as the Burj Kahlifa – the world’s tallest building. This ‘shopping capital’ of the Middle East is also one of the most desirable getaways for the wealthy and every aspect of the lifestyle caters to the highest possible expectations.  These days, a villa on the exclusive Palm Jumeirah archipelago will cost about $47 Million.

Cayman Islands

As an exclusive Caribbean destination and major offshore financial center, the Cayman Island offers international buyers one of the most gorgeous, tranquil, and tax-friendly places to invest. Finding an extravagant mansion here, such as the $60 Million Castillo Caribe on Grand Cayman, is more par-for-the-course than you might expect.

Mallorca, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this island is continually referred to as one of the most desirable places to visit in the world. Like the nearby getaway of Ibiza, it offers an exceptional nightlife, but the greater abundance of nature and variety of home sites has made this a preferred place to invest. Luxury villas, perfectly nestled between the magnificent coastline and mountains, can fetch up to $65 Million in the local real estate market.

Shanghai, China

Asia is no stranger to expensive destinations, ranging from Hong Kong to Tokyo. But right now, all eyes are trained on Shanghai, as the seemingly unstoppable economic growth here has made this a highly coveted city in which to live, work, and play.  The property market is equally lucrative, and not only offers incredible high-rise condos in the heart of the vibrant city, but also multi-million dollar villas within the finest private communities.

French Riviera, France
Some people will always have Paris, but for those who seek best of the best, the ‘Cote D’Azur’ is truly unrivaled.  This coastal area was one of the first globally acclaimed resort destinations, and has for generations charmed celebrities, business moguls, and royalty. The Riviera presents countless luxurious properties such as the Villa Leopolda, which was at one time owned by King Leopold II of Belgium and sold in 2011 at $736 Million.

Lake Como, Italy

Renowned for its awe-inspiring nature, world-class hotels, and relaxing spas, this historic area in Northern Italy is arguably one of the most unforgettable places to visit.  Investors can find numerous centuries-old villas that are genuine works of art and still retain their original architectural details and intricate landscaping. It’s no wonder that buyers such as George Clooney – owner of the famed Villa Oleandra at Laglio – have paid upwards of $30 Million for a piece of this exclusive destination.

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